Wednesday, August 3, 2011


My son has joined a Christian death metal band, which he loves! On the way home from work yesterday, I picked him up from his band members house and he was chattering away. But lately there has been kind of a disconnect between us so our conversations usually end with me going, "Huh?" More so than usual. Here are some examples.

Him: "I have the best girl-scream out of all of them."

Me: "Girl scream? Isn't that bad?"

Him: "No, that's good. You want that."

Me: "Oh... Huh?"

Yeah. Girl screaming is good in a death metal band. That and growling, I guess.

Him: "I want Toms (the shoe) for my birthday!"

Me: "Ok. Send me a link."

Him: "I want them white. But I'm not going to wear them all the time. I'll wear them to school of course. To show them off. But I will have to walk to the bus stop with no shoes and then put a towel down. I will then step in the shoes on the towel so they don't ever get dirty."

Me: "Wow. Huh?"

Seriously. Whenever I'd buy those cheap $5 white shoes, I hated having them be pure stark white. I would walk around until I got a good dingy look going.

Him: "Me and the band walked to the gas station today, but we didn't have enough money for all of us to get a drink. This man offered me money to get a drink."

Me: "Yikes. That's creepy."

Him: "No, he was just being nice. The only nice person left in this world."

Me: "Umm... Sure. Huh?"

He is just from a totally different planet now. He had his grandmother get him a pool so he could start tanning. He wants just skinny jeans and shoes for his birthday. He wants a skate board. What's that about?

Ahh... Teenagers. They make you go, huh?

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