Thursday, August 4, 2011

The List

Do you remember the episode of Friends when Ross and Rachel agreed to the list of celebrities they could sleep with if they met them in person? Then Ross laminated his list? lol That was an awesome episode. Well, the other day I got to thinking about who would be on my list if me and my husband agreed to one. Which I'm sure he would. If I asked him. Which I probably won't.

Anyway, I also wondered if I would even be able to narrow it down. I tend to be like a teenager who crushes on every celebrity she sees. Will I ever grow out of that? Do I even want to? But I am going to try to narrow it down. See how it works out.

1. Patrick Dempsey. Of course. McDreamy had to be first on my list. Do I even need to provide an explanation? That poor man would never had a chance. (Let's ignore the fact that if I ever did meet him in person, I would probably not say a word and hide until I stopped hyperventilating).

2. Jimmy Fallon. He's my sweetheart. He's funny and he has a cute smile. Not to mention, we were born the same year, which gives us a special connection. Like a stalker/stalkee connection.

3. Jimmie Johnson. Nascar stars count as celebrities right? I can't believe he moved down to third on this list. For so long he was number one! And that makes two Jimmy's on my list. I guess I just like a good Jimmy. Heh.

4. David Boreanaz. I love David and I love him as Booth. He plays a great guy who I was would love to hang out with, but, despite all that, I still think of him as Angel first. The vampire with a soul. Who gets a little nooky and turns bad. I loved him bad. He was hot bad.

Hmm... What? Where am I?

5. Chef Gordon Ramsay. There's a lot of passion there and I'm thinking it's not just for food. Shut it down, indeed!

6. Noah Wyle. He's relatively new in my life since Falling Skies started (he was a bit overshadowed by George Clooney in his ER days), but oh so hot with that beard and mustache. Thank God the aliens came down and took all their razors. That is what happened, right? I'm still having a hard time keeping up.

7. Garth Brooks. He's getting up there now, but still hot. And like Chef Ramsay, there's a lot of passion there. Plus, apparently he likes blondes. I think I have a chance! Watch out, Trisha!

8. Justin Timberlake. He's a younger man, but you know, I think I could handle it. Him, on the other hand...He'd probably have to run. I'm a special kind of awesome.
9. John Krasinki. I still have my "I love Jim" shirt. 'Nuff said! Of course I liked him better in the beginning of The Office with his floppy hair, but he's still cute! There are very few men I'll wear on my chest.

10. Brad Pitt. Yes, he was a jerk to Jennifer Anniston. Yes, he would have to get all kinds of shots and a chemical bath before I'd sleep with him since he's been with Angelina Jolie (who slept with Billy Bob Thornton! Eww!). But oh man, all I have to do is watch Legends of the Falls and I'm his again. He will be on my list forever!

That's my list for now. I do have some other people I could add. There's the Damon/Affleck duo. Yes, both. Oh and Ryan Reynolds is an up-and-comer on my list. Heh. Up and comer. Did you see his naked backside in that movie with Sandra Bullock? Hmm...

Can I have 10 more? Or would that just be greedy? Oh well...

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Ondrej from Star Wars Books said...

I've always found such lists a little counterproductive - people with such lists are usually too afraid to even engage in a conversation with the so called "famous" people, let alone engage in something else.