Monday, August 4, 2008

The Summer of Reality and a Mustache

This weekend as I was watching season 4 episodes of The Office on my DVR, I realized how anxious I was for the this upcoming fall season. After last years writers strike, I was still left feeling like I was robbed somehow. But I have been keeping myself busy this summer. Here are the shows I've been watching:

1. Swingtown (CBS). Probably the only non-reality based show on my list. But even though the only true swinging occurred in the first episode, I still keep watching. Mostly for Grant Snow and his mustache. Oh and the basement! They should make people sign a waiver before they go into the basement.

2. Gene Simmon's Family Jewels (A&E). Even though he comes off all pompous and arrogant, which he is, he's really a great family man. And the episodes where he watches his two nephews shows he's really just a big softy. Not to mention it's just freaking hilarious.

3. Flippin' Out (Bravo). Jeff Lewis is crazy. There's no denying that. But as you watch, you see the more human side of him. Even while you still want to strangle him in his sleep. I think the finale is on this week. :o(

4. Project Runway/Shear Genius (Bravo). I put these two shows together, because even though I do watch them, I haven't been watching them that faithfully. Project Runway has just way too many designers right now for me to really keep up with. And Shear Genius can be fun, but watching what these hairdressers do to some of these poor models gives bad hair day a new meaning.

5. Bridezilla (WE). This show is the best! I can't get enough of these crazy woman terrorizing their families and bridesmaid. Some of these woman are so utterly insane you wonder what the groom is thinking. This show put the fun into dysfunctional! Last night I watched a bride have her fiance bring fast food to a high priced salon while she was getting a pedicure. Then she asked the lady doing her nails for a fake nail so she could pick the food out of her teeth. Priceless! Oh and did I mention she handed the nail back to the lady after she was done? That's class right there!

Those are the top five summer shows I'm watching right now that aren't reruns. (I've watched all 3 seasons of Grey's Anatomy and The Office on DVD). Now I'm just anxiously waiting for the fall season. I need more Mcdreamy!

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Connie said...

Shear Genius has become a guilty pleasure for me. Charlie's such a bitch, and Nekisa just has to go; her attitude is just unacceptable. She's a blamer.

And I love Nicole's haircut.