Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Going to the Country on a Jet with Crimson and Clover

My latest iTunes purchases:

Home, Blake Shelton
I love Blake and this song is really pretty. And hey, it's not about drinking! For a change. ;o)

Waitin' on a Woman, Brad Paisley
Jeannie had me watching the video for this the other day on YouTube (of course), and I just loved seeing Andy Griffith again. Plus, it's just a great song.

Look What You've Done, Jet
I heard this the other day on the radio and was determined to buy it. I'd heard it before but had no idea who sang it. So I had to remember the line, "Once you're a Jet, you're always a Jet." See! Who said I had a bad memory? Really, who was that?

Cold Hard Bitch, Jet
Once I found Jet, I realized I liked this song too. Sadly, this is not the only song with the word bitch in it on my iPod.

All I Want to Do, Sugarland
The first time I heard this song it annoyed the crap out of me. All the "Doooo...doooo"'s. But alas, I heard it one too many times and I was hooked. Now I proudly sing, "All I want doooooOOOOooooOOOO" all the way down the road.

She Never Cried in Front of Me, Toby Keith
This is a ballad that Toby Keith sings. And it's actually good! The first time I heard it, I didn't believe the DJ when he said it was Toby Keith. But it really is!

Do You Believe Me Now, Jimmy Wayne
I love Jimmy Wayne and was sad when he disappeared for awhile, so as soon as his song came out, I was so there!

We Weren't Crazy, Josh Gracin.
Again, I've loved Josh Gracin since his AI days, so I was happy to hear him on the radio again.

Crimson & Clover, Tommy James and the Shondells
Heh. Okay, a Swingtown influenced purchased. I admit it.

Okay, this post had to be quick since I'm running late this morning. Now all I have dooooooOOOOooooo is get ready for work.

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