Wednesday, August 27, 2008

She's Been a Very Bad Girl! My Interview with Paige Tyler!

Today's interview is with the very nice, but very naughty, author, Paige Tyler. Her books will make your cheeks turn red! And I'm not talking about the one's on your face! Ha! (Where's my rim tap?)

Anyway, without further ado, here's my interview with Paige Tyler, the unspanked-uh, uncut version:

On a scale of 1-10, how awesome am I? No excuses about how you don’t know me…

LOL! Well, I've heard you're pretty awesome!

I see your newest book, Animal Attraction, is about werewolves. Can I have one for Melly’s Spot? It will be a nice addition to my collection. As long as it doesn’t eat my shape-shifting hamster.

LOL! Sure! The hunky hero has been known to bite, or at least that's what the heorine tells me, but that's only during more intimate moments, so I'm pretty sure he won't eat your shape-shifting hamster!

I see you live in Florida. My Grandma lives in Florida, too. Do you know her?

Probably not. Florida is pretty big. LOL!

Now for the hard hitting question. Brace yourself! What was your favorite toy as a child?

I have to say my Barbie dolls! I loved to make up stories for them to act out! Oh and I totally had Barbie marry Ken! See, I was a romantic even then! LOL!

Is it true you write spanking good books? Literally? Are they a spanking good time? Okay, I’ll stop now.

What can I say?! It's true! They are! LOL!

Looking at your cover for The Cutler Brothers series, I change my mind about the werewolf. Can I have that guy instead? Or can I have both?

Well, actually, they're are two Cutler Brothers, which would give you three guys? You up for that? Though you might have to fight the heroines for them, so I guess the question would be, are you up for that? LOL!

I see you have a book titled, Bridezilla. One of my favorite shows is called that too and I think they all need a spanking—but not in the good way you write about. Just out of curiosity, were you a bridezilla?

Me? No, actually, I wasn't. My mom and aunts took care of most of the prep for our wedding, so I didn't have to do too much but get my gown and pick the cake! LOL! But Bridezilla was a fun story to write! It's a fun read, too! The heroine totally needed a spanking, for sure!

Can you name a character after me? But if I get spanked, can you go gentle on me? Well, I mean if one of your heroes spanks me, not you. Umm…What was I saying?

LOL! I could totally name a character after you! And yes, you'd probably get put over some handsome hunky hero's knee for a yummy spanking, or at least your character would! But she'd definitely like it!

Okay, your turn. Here’s where you can say whatever you want. Promote, etc. I’ll be over here thinking what a bad girl I am. Wait! Not that bad. Just a little bad. Like a feather’s worth. Really.

LOL! Okay, while you do that I'll do the shameless promotion thing! I'v had several of my bestselling stories just come out in print and Amazon Kindle, as well as eBook, inlcuding The Cutler Brothers, Spicing Up Her Marriage, The Magic Spell, and Cindra and the Bounty Hunter, which was a Blue-Ribbon Favorite over at Romance Junkies!

My hot paranormal erotic romance Animal Attraction comes out from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid on September 1, and I'm already working on the sequel! I also have another book coming out with Whiskey Creek Press Torrid in January, a contemporary erotic romance called Librarian By Day, as well as a contemporary erotic romance coming out with Liquid Silver Books called Protective Custody.

Readers can a get the scoop on all of my books by visiting my website at They can also find links to my blog, as well as MySpace and Facebook pages!

Thanks so much for interviewing me, Melanie! I totally enjoyed it!


Paige Tyler said...

LOL! Thanks so much for asking me to be part of your blog, Melanie! the interview was really fun!


Suz said...

*drool* I've got to get me some of them Cutler Boys!! Mmm....Mmm...MMM!

Great interview Melly! Nice to "meet" you Paige! :)

AJ Llewellyn said...

Melly, you were a scream! Those questions had me laughing like a madman at my comouter screen - especially the one about my grandma lives in Florida, do you know her? Thanks Paige for telling us about this very funny interview!
AJ Llewellyn

Lise said...

I love the humor of this interview - both Melly and Paige!

The books all look and sound scrumptious, and I have to admit to a real affinity for spankings (...and not just on paper).

Paige - fess up - was the research for your spanking novels "hands on"?

And I've GOT to get my hands on Librarian By Day .... I love lust and books. What better combo?

Paige Tyler said...

Suz - Nice meeting you, too, Suz! And I totally agree, those Cutler Brothers are yummy!

AJ - Sure! Glad you enjoyed it!

Lise - LOL! Yes, actually, it's very hands-on! Which is why I can speak from experience! It's also why my hubby loves being my research partner!


Ashley Ladd said...

Fun interview. A shape-shifting hamster, huh???

I enjoyed reading this.

Paige Tyler said...

Ashley - Thanks! I really enjoyed the interview, too!


I love cake said...

I just want to thank Paige again for letting me interview her! She was a great sport and it was a lot of fun.

Thank you Suz, AJ, Lise and Ashley for commenting! :o) I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Adriana said...

Still ROFLMAO - great interview, both of you, not to mention the hunks on the covers, um, how many can we have a piece??