Thursday, August 28, 2008

Random Thursday

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Today I'm just blogging about some random things on my mind. Yes, sometimes I do think. And it's just me talking. I'm not interviewing my couch or anything. ;)

First off, I'm asking for a few thoughts and prayers for my family today. My husband's grandmother passed away yesterday, and although we were expecting it, it's still hard on all of us. She was a great woman and will be missed.

Now, onto the other things on my mind.

What I've bought recently:

The Conway Twitty Box set
! Yeah, baby! Give me more Twitty! It even has Hello Darlin' in Russian! I'm going to have to take some stuff off my iPod to fit it all, but soooo worth it!

Silver Spoons, first season. I know what you're saying... That's AWESOME. And I will have to say in return, I KNOW!!! I haven't seen this show in forever and I'm really looking forward to seeing little Ricky Schroder again!

What I've been watching lately:

From G's to Gents
. My husband has a tendency to watch reality shows on MTV (last time we watched every episode of Rob & Big), and the other day he caught a marathon of this show. It's so bad in such a good way. Basically they makeover these "G's" (I had to ask my husband what "G" meant. He said gangsta. I had no clue! I'm old!) into gentlemen. Yes, pretty obvious, but it is kind of a Mrs. Manners show, but for men. Here is the blurb:

From executive producer Jamie Foxx, From G's to Gents schools diamonds in the rough on how to lose the front, learn self-respect, realize their self-worth and market themselves accordingly. The wannabe gentlemen learn everything from style and grace to etiquette and chivalry. The G's discover that with the right tools, they can become true gents.

They even had a male stripper! Of course that's not the reason I watch it. ;) I think the best thing about it is the dude's names. They have names like Creeper, Shotta, E6 and my favorite J-Boogie.

What scared the crap out of me this morning:

I was sitting on the couch and my laptop was next to me as always. I was checking on my little virtual villagers when suddenly a mouse jumped out from behind my laptop and leaped onto the end table. WTF!! I am proud to say that I didn't scream. I just ran upstairs and told my husband. About five minutes later, I walked back downstairs, but I was still creeped out. I sat back down and it happened AGAIN. The mouse jumped from behind my laptop to the table and then to the floor. This time my husband came downstairs and moved the couch to make sure it was really gone. I knew we had a mouse, but as long as it didn't bother me, I wasn't too concerned. Now that f-cker has got to go!!!

What I'm looking forward to:
All the DVD's coming out in September!! I'm going to be at Target every Tuesday for the next three least. lol Starting next week with The Office Season 2! Whoo-hooo!

Well, that's it for today. Now back to Saved by the Bell-er, I mean, time to get ready for work.


Suz said...

"It even has Hello Darlin' in Russian!"

Yeah, what? Was Twitty Russian?

I confess, I was curious as to how to say "Hello Darlin'" in Russian so I checked a handy dandy online translator. I found this scary Russian woman:Привет%20Darlin'

DC said...

Jeez. You're braver then I, I would have screamed and demanded the BF to come and kill the mouse RIGHTNOW. LOL.

Jeannie said...

Silver Spoons? Seriously??? I think I'd rather watch Ricky on NYPD Blue LOL