Sunday, August 10, 2008

Legends of Brad

I'm sitting here watching Legends of the Fall. It's been on a couple times this week and I watch it every time.

I'm not quite sure why, since it's a movie I should hate. It's raw, it's violent and it's really, REALLY depressing. Then I remember the reason I watch it.

It's Brad. It's all about Brad. Seriously. The long blonde hair, the wild look in his eyes, the dimples that come out the few times he's happy in this movie.

Mmm... So yeah, I watch it every time. I might even rewind it at a few spots. My husband, on the other hand, isn't as impressed by the movie as I am. Weird. He just came down and changed the channel. Good thing it was over or he might've been hurt. Just try to get between me and won't be pretty.

I guess it's time to get up and do something productive. You know...something that doesn't involve searching for Brad Pitt on YouTube. I would NEVER do that. NEVER.

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