Monday, August 11, 2008

Books, books, books

I finished some books and then read and completed an entire book this weekend.

The two I finished are:

Stormy Weather, by Carl Hiaasen. This book was written in 1995 and just recently recommended on Dear It's set in Florida after a big hurricane has just struck, leaving everything devastated. It starts with two honeymooners and ends with many, MANY different characters. Good and bad. It was kind of fun watching all the bad guys get punished in ironic ways, but I'm not sure I quite "got" this book. It was tiring trying to keep up with everything. It seemed like a new person was introduced in each chapter.

But overall, I liked it. Even if I don't think I'll read another one of his books.

Tribute, Nora Roberts. Yes, I got this book in the beginning of July, and I'm now just finishing it. I can't say there was anything wrong with this book... It was set in my neck of the woods after all, which I thought was very cool. It just didn't hold my interest as much as I'd hoped it would. And I had a hard time keeping track of all the characters again. I'm beginning to think I have memory issues or something.

Again, I can't say I didn't like it. It was an entertaining read. I loved Ford, even if he was a little too perfect. I mean, c'mon! What man doesn't have any flaws? The dog was funny, too. I guess I was hoping for a book more like Geniune Lies (another book about an old movie star) and it wasn't quite the same. But it is a Nora book so better than a lot of books out there. And there were a lot of LOL moments.

And then I read the book that made my whole weekend. It was Catch of the Day, by Kristan Higgins. She won a RITA for this book and I can see why.

This is a story of a woman who falls in love with a priest. Not only that, but the entire small town she lives in and works knows about it and loves to remind her of it.

The book is written entirely in first person, but I don't notice that at all. I just know that there was a part of the book where I was practically sobbing. I highly recommend this author to anyone. I read her book Fools Rush In (last Thursday before the memorial) and it was a great too. She writes the kind of books where you're sad at the end because it's over.

I have one more book by her-Just One of the Guys-and I can't wait to start it. Even if I want to wait, since that's the last book she has out now.

So that's my weekend book reading. Looking at it now, I'm thinking, "Dude, you need a life." But why have a life when there are so many good books out there? Right?

Next weekend I'll work on that whole "life" thing. Unless my Suzanne Brockmann books come in the mail...

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Connie said...

It's been a long time since I read Stormy Weather, but I love Carl Hiaasen. Thing with him, though, is that characters repeat across his books, so you almost have to start at the very beginning with him, which is Tourist Season.