Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My interview with Marilu Mann or the one where I shapeshift into a hamster

Today, I have a very unique interview. Marilu Mann isn't just one writer, but a writing team composed of two authors: Stephanie Arwen Lynch and Cai Smith. Marilu Mann are from Louisiana, and are bringing a bit of the South to Melly's Spot! And alligators. *shiver*

So without further ado, here is my interview with Marilu Mann, the uncut version:

On a scale of 1-10, how awesome do you think I am? Be honest. You can go higher than 10 if you like. (No excuses about how you don’t know me and stuff like that).

a. We’re from the south, cheré. Therefore you are off the scale and utterly awesome… until you talk bad about someone in our family. Then we have to take you out on the back porch and “talk” with you real close and personal. If you get my drift!

I understand you are a writing team. As you might be able to tell, I can be a bit self centered. *cough* Is it easy to share the writing credit?

a. In this instance, yes. When we’re writing together we’re staying true to OUR voice as Marilu Mann. Neither of us overpowers or overshadows the other in the writing. If we disagree about something – a plot point or the way a certain character will react to something, we talk it out. We’ve known one another for more than thirty years so we know how to finish one another sentences as well as how to discuss things in a reasonable fashion.

Oooo, you write about shape shifters! Exactly what shape does your shape shifter shift into to? (Did I just write a tongue twister?)

a. In Changing Times, Tony, the hero, shifts into a Panther. Most of our other shifters are Wolves, however…we DO have plans to write a few other Panther stories And then there are the bears. Big, burly, rough and tumble bears. Don’t you just love them?

Time for the hard hitting question. Prepare yourself… What is your favorite book?

a. Wow…hard question…There are so many current authors I love, but I guess to go back to a childhood favorite (and one from which we use quotes to describe some of our shifters,) I’d have to say, The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exúpery.

b. Arwen here. My favorite book is _The Velveteen Rabbit_. I love the story of being loved into reality.

I was looking (read: drooling) at your cover for Changing Times. At exactly what time of day does he walk around? I might have to set my alarm.

a. Tony (and in fact, the other shifter as well) is not tied to the phases of the moon to shift – he can change shape at any time, day or night, cheré! ;) And please refrain from licking your monitor. All though he is very delicious! Wait until you see Changing Hearts. I had to get a cool drink!

Can you name a character after me? Can I shift into something cool?

a. Hmmm…let’s see…Melly…Melanie…it’s possible Would a cougar suit?
b. I’m thinking Melanie would make a perfect best friend for Tony’s little sister, Melana. The whole similar name thing could be a running joke.

I see you feature Louisiana and the bayou a lot in your website and blog. Is it dangerous in the bayou? Would I get eaten by a crocodile if I went down there? (Keep in mind I am blond).

a. No crocs, honey, but them ‘gators might like to chomp on you a bit.
b. Now Cai! We never feed the interviewers to Gaston. It gives him indigestion.

Okay, this is your turn to add whatever you want. Promote, etc… I’ll be over here thinking of what I can shift into. Hamster?

Changing Times –Available NOW –
New Orleans sizzles when Dr. Carly Chambers finds herself in the hands, or paws, of sexy shifter and antique dealer Tony Pantera. Though the memory of his murdered human lover haunts him, Tony can't deny the sensual scent of this doctor his friends kidnapped. Carly is now in danger because of his enemies.

The Turn Skins are power-hungry shifters who want to expose themselves to the world and take over through fear. Tony and his friends stand in their way. Carly proves to be a tool for Turn Skins when they learn that Tony can't resist the attractive doctor. And Carly is happy to stroke this shifter's fur. Their erotic encounters hurtle them into the path of danger and death.

Can Tony protect his human lover from the Turn Skins who don't care if she's hurt as long as they get their way?

Reviews for Changing Times
• "Fast-paced" "Can't wait to read more" Read the full review on the PW Blog "Beyond Her Book" w/ Barbara Vey
• 4 out of 5 at TRRC. "Sensual and excellent" "Perfect length" Read the full review at The Romance Readers Connection
• "Sizzles" "Realistic" "Well rounded" Read the whole review at RRTErotic Reviews

Sapphire Tease – Coming SOON!
Ever have your clothes removed by a sexy man as punishment? What if you were trying to steal from him and he is determined to teach you a heated intimate lesson you will never forget? Cath Monroe learns just how much she can take from the man she mistakenly marks as an easy target. Kentaro Ramon introduces the lovely thief to more than his mastery of weapons in this arousing tale of a very erotic game of cat-and-mouse.
Read an excerpt from Sapphire Tease.

Changing Hearts – Coming SOON!
It just got hotter on the bayou. Louisiana has never been this steamy. When injured shapeshifter Malcolm Slade, an alpha running for his life, meets Cajun faith-healer Joie Landry, hearts are going to be changed. Human to his wolf, she prefers dealing with the animal because animals love you unconditionally. Malcolm believes love is for weaklings and he can't afford to be weak. Hunted by his own Pack, having to face his own demons, he doesn't have time to cater to the sensitive feelings of a human female. Still...there's something about this female that turns him inside out. Can Joie tame this predator in bed and out?

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Tarot By Arwen said...

Thank you so much for the space, Melly! We thoroughly enjoyed your interview style.

Cai said...

Thanks for having us, Melly! ;) Watch out for 'dem gators!

Cindy said...

LOL I loved this. Great interview everyone!

And Melly, also remember that if you're going to talk about someone (non-family of course) you have to bless their hearts first. :D

blesses lots of hearts *cough*

J L said...

A were-hamster. Yes. I LOVE it. Rather like Bunnicula (remember those books by James Howe?) who sucked the juice out of carrots at night. So soft, so cute, so ....

argh, ick, ow!!! Let go of me!

P.S. I just saw a press screening for Hellboy and there are some tiny little thingies in there that chomp and ... ooh, wait, almost gave away a plot point! {sound of hand slapping head}

Bitten by Books said...

Were hamster, were beaver...sigh so many animals SO little time. Great interview. :)

Maggie Toussaint said...

I enjoyed this interview very much. Very insightful and entertaining. I feel like I know all three of you ladies.

I love cake said...

Oooo, were-hamster! I would LOVE to read a book like that.

I want to thank Arwen and Cai for being such great sports! It was a lot of fun! :o)

sure she's been "blessed" before.

Nancy said...

A were-hamster? LOL!

Fun interview Melly and Marilu! Thanks for the smiles today!

Nancy Haddock
La Vida Vampire