Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Darkness Arrives!

My friend and critique partner, Shiela Stewart, has a new vampire series coming out today. The first book is called: Seducing the Darkness. I LOVE this series! As soon as I read STD (heh) I told her she HAD to submit it. And if you know me, I'm not a big fan of the paranormal.

Here is the official press release:

Seducing the Darkness

If you’re afraid of the dark…you’re screwed!

The long awaited release of Paranormal Romance Author Shiela Stewarts first book in her Darkness series is now available for purchase.

Seducing the Darkness begins a tale of vampires desperate to stop a ritual to blot out the sun and raise the greatest evil ever created.

Miss Stewart’s world of vampires is like no other and her explanation of vampirism is not what you’ll expect. And the love she weaves amongst her characters will surely melt your heart and leave you panting for more.

Cast out by her kind, Trinity Ford has learned to live on her own…not an easy thing to do when you’re a vampire.

Trinity was once a fragile girl. Being taken by a powerful vampire prince changed her. Discovering him in the arms of another woman changed destiny. Alone, she’s learned fast how to be tough, how to survive, and how to protect the people in her city from the evil that lurks in the dark. She was managing just fine, until Basil walked back into her life.

Basil Hawthorn has been the reigning prince of vampires since banishing his father to the Realm of Dark Mystics decades earlier. When a prophetic dream makes him realize Trinity’s life is at risk, he decides the only way to save her is to push her away. Doing so is not easy. Trinity is the only woman he has ever loved, ever will love, and he can’t seem to let her go.

When rumors arise of a plan to raise the King and blot out the sun, both Trinity and Basil know they must do everything to stop it. Even if it means working together. Despite the betrayal and the threat, they find themselves drawn to each other. Love has no boundaries, especially in the face of danger. But will they be able to stop the ritual before it’s too late?

Or will the darkness capture them both?

To purchase the book go to:
And check out Shiela Stewart’s website where the darkness begins. www.shielabooks.ca

So I was trying to think of a way to express my love for this book, but the only way I could think to do it right, was to cut and paste the email I sent to her as soon as I read it. (Late at night after I stayed up to finish reading). I took out some of it, but you get the jist:

Seriously wow. This book is hot, girl. I hope to God this gets published and people realize how truly good it is. This is your passion. This is the one that will take you over the top.

....You HAVE to write a sequel. Seriously. I will not rest until you do. LOL I'll bug the shit out of you. I can't believe you don't have one already. Usually you do. LOL Slacker!!! ;o)

....Chat tomorrow! It's 12:16 and I really need to go to bed. LOLOL Hopefully my son's school will be delayed because it'll be hard waking up at 7:30 to take him to the bus stop.

BTW, she already has a sequel...and a few more after that I'm sure.

If you do anything this summer, make sure you read this book!

Oh, and just so you know, Shiela really thought I was going to roast her in this post. Probably because I kind of told her I would. *grin* But that's my job. To keep people guessing. Maybe next time, Shiela!


Shiela Stewart said...

See, that's why you;re the greatest critique partner and friend a girl could ever want. :)

You're the best Mel!

Oh...I'm sure you'll roast me another time. Looking forward to it! :)

J.K. Coi said...

Darn, and I was looking forward to the roast, lol.

I'm going to go now and get this book, I'm so excited!


I love cake said...

Oh yes!! I'm sorry!!

Happy Canada Day!! Build a igloo for me. ;o)

Shiela Stewart said...

Don't worry J.K. I'm sure Mel will roast me later on. LOL