Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Interview with Jami Davenport! She has scary horses!

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Okay, so horses are only scary to me. I'm sure hers are very nice. They aren't ferocious beasts ready to bite the first blonde they see. Right?


Anyway, today I'm interviewing Jami Davenport. I believe she's my first writer from Washington State. I love Washington! A lot of her books are set in the San Juan Islands, which looks really beautiful in the pictures. One day I hope to go there! Oh and did I mention she has horses? ;o)

So without further ado, my interview with Jami Davenport, the uncut version:

On a scale of 1-10, how awesome do you think I am? Be honest. You can go higher than 10 if you like. (No excuses about how you don’t know me and stuff like that).

Oh, but I feel like I know you. In fact, I’m sure we’ve met before. Was it in England in 1612 or in Massachusetts in 1791? Regardless, I’d give you a 15 in this life. Now the other lives, hmmm, well, let’s just leave it at that.

I see that you’re from Washington State. Have you been to Seattle Grace? Have you met McDreamy?

Sorry, I avoid Seattle and I-5 at all costs.

I was looking at your pictures of the San Juan Island’s. Can I come live with you?

Sure, there’s plenty of room in the barn, and it has running water.

I also see that you like horses. Ever since a horse bit me at a County fair, I’ve been scared of them. Do they all bite?

Only if you bite first.

Can you name a character after me? As long as it’s not a horse!

Done. You’ll just have to read all my books for the next ten years to find yourself.

Time for the hard hitting question. Prepare yourself… What’s your favorite movie?

I knew this was coming. I hate to admit this, but I rarely watch movies. That would involve sitting in one place for two hours. I can’t sit in one place for five minutes. But if I were to watch a movie, it would have to be action adventure and pure entertainment with a good ending. None of the deep stuff for me. I like pure junk. If the critics panned it, I’ll probably love it.

From your blog, I see you once experienced a volcano eruption. My only experience with one was watching Dante’s Peake. Was Pierce Brosnan there?

If he was, I couldn’t see him through the ash. My luck that I’d miss him. He could’ve been standing five feet away, and I wouldn’t have seen him.

I was reading the blurb for Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed? Who was in the bed? Was it a bear?

The best kind, a big Teddy Bear with 6-pack abs and a killer smile.

I also noticed that the heroine helps the hero organize his office. Did you have to research that? I suck at organization.

Again, I hate to admit to this, and you can hate me now or later, but I’m very organized.

Your upcoming book is called The Dance. Is it about Garth Brooks!?

Nope, no, Garth. The Dance was the first book I ever finished. The original ending ended like that Garth Brooks song. No HEA. Romance fans don’t like that, so I had to write a different ending.

Okay, this is your turn to add whatever you want. Promote, etc… I’ll be over here packing just in case you say it’s okay to live with you. Just keep away the horses!

My mare will be wounded that you won’t be charmed by her. In fact, she’ll try extra hard to charm you now that she knows you don’t like horses.

Seriously, Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed? is the first book in a series written about a Seattle family with 3 sons and a daughter. Who’s is available now (as of June 12) from Siren Publishing.

I’m in the final editing stages of The Gift Horse (a book that should be near and dear to your heart) about the oldest brother who is given a show horse for this birthday. He likes horses as much as you do, Melanie, so you can imagine how thrilled he is by this unwelcome gift.

Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed?, my first release, and The Dance, my second, are set in Washington State’s San Juan Islands. The Gift Horse is set in the Seattle area (you know, that place I avoid), and the remaining two will probably be back in the San Juans, because it’s such a great setting for books.

The Dance will be available on July 10, also from Siren Publishing.

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Jami Davenport said...


Thanks for having me today. I'm so sorry about your horse phobia. I suggest you stick with goldfish.



Wendi said...

Hi, Jami! Great interview! I can't wait to read The Dance and The Gift Horse. Loved, loved, loved Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed?

If you keep a cowboy around that barn, Melanie's gonna have to move over and make room for me! ;)

Wendi Darlin

Cheryl said...

What a great interview. I am still smiling. I read Who's Been Sleeping in Your Bed and Loved it!!

I am adding THe Dance to me list to check out

Lynnsplanet said...

Terrific interview, Jami. LMAO

Mel, you're a hoot. Loved the questions.

I just ask one thing -- stay away from my desk - that 'O' word is a dirty word to me. lol

who is very lonely at novel sisterhood.:(

kaisquared said...

Jami, I have dibs on the "guest barn" with or without cowboys! The San Juan Islands sound great!


Destiny Blaine said...

Hi Mel and Jami!

Great interview, ladies! (I'll gladly live in her barn if she'll leave the cowboys behind) *Snicker*

Have a great day!

Shiela Stewart said...

Oh Mel, I had no idea you don't like horses. How on earth can we remain friends when horses are one of my true loves ***snicker***

Jami, I will gladly come live with you and help you take care of your horse. And...I'm also a neat freak so that's a bonus. :)

Jami Davenport said...

Hey, Ladies,

Thanks for all the comments.

If you want cowboys in my barn, I'm afraid you'll have to bring your own. My husband won't let me have any for myself. Isn't he just a spoilsport?

Thanks for all the kind words on my books.