Wednesday, June 18, 2008

An Interview with my friend Robyn! It's cake-uh-wedding time!

Long before everything happened in my life, my friend Robyn and I did an interview about her upcoming wedding. I'd planned on putting it up last Wednesday, but obviously that wasn't to be. Now her wedding is this weekend, and despite the fact she's told me I don't need to post it, I really think I do. Life is about celebrations, and what better celebration is there than a wedding? So without further ado, my interview with Robyn, the uncut version:

On a scale of 1-10, how awesome do you think I am? Be honest. You can go higher than 10 if you like.

Is it a digital scale? If so, I'd say a 10.5 because it's higher than 10 but not overly awesome. 10.5 is a nice level of awesomeness.

I hear you’re getting married. Congratulations! I think the question on everybody’s mind is… Can you mail me a piece of cake?

I don't know if mailing a piece of cake will be a piece of cake, but I'll see what can be done.

What kind of cake is it again?

It’s a wedding cake Duh!

Okay, I’ll stop asking you about the cake. How many layers?

Well, I'm not really sure how many layers the cake has. But I do know that it's 3 tiers, the bottom and top tiers are chocolate and the middle is white. The filling is strawberries, bananas and Bavarian cream.

Sorry. Okay, serious question… Hmm… What cake-uh-day are you getting married?

I'm getting married on Sunday, June 22nd... wait a minute... are you considering crashing the wedding?

What does your frosting-crap! -I mean, dress look like?

Melly, I'm beginning to think you have a cake problem. Should I call Cake Eater's Anonymous? But to answer your questions, the frosting will be white whipped cream and my dress is a strapless, ivory, A-line ball gown with a champagne gold underskirt and matching sash.

Now for the hard hitting question. You ready? Who is your favorite member of Duran Duran?

That IS hard hitting. My favorite member of Duran Duran is John Taylor. I tend to find tall, lanky men with long fingers quite attractive. For those who don't know, my fiancé is built that way.

What slice-uh, song are you playing for your first dance?

It took us a while to choose one, since my fiancé and I don't have 'a song'. But we finally decided upon "Follow You, Follow Me" by Genesis.

Did you know you can save the top of your cake and eat it on your first anniversary? You can send it to me for safekeeping if you’d like.

Yes, I did know that. And while I appreciate your extremely generous offer, I think the top of our cake will be safer here in New Jersey.

Okay, this is your turn to add whatever you want. Feel free to talk about your wedding. I’ll be over here sending you an email with my address.

Thanks, Melly! It's no secret that I love to talk. Well, I work for my family's Halloween wholesale business as the Art Director and Accounts Manager. That has been weird, as I was terrible at Math as a teenager. But because of my job, I've met Dee Snider of Twisted Sister and Butch Patrick—aka Eddie Munster. Hmm... what else? I've seen Duran Duran in concert around 20 times, I love to read and my favorite Muppet is Rowlf. Who can resist a piano playing dog who loves Beethoven?

Heck, I just love dogs. I found my dog Casey (a Border Collie/Brittany mix) on Petfinder in August 2000. I think pet adoption is a wonderful thing and hope other people will give homeless dogs—and cats, too—a loving home. As well as being a good month for weddings, June is National Pet Adoption month.

Speaking of weddings, I'm getting married to a wonderful man who adores me and Casey. Our family will be "blended" as he has a perpetually-hungry Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Silk. We met in October 2006 and became engaged just over a year later. Wedding plans has consumed our lives for the last 7 months but it's almost the big day. I get to put on a fancy dress and hang out with our closest friends and family, we get presents and then a week-long honeymoon in the Bahamas. A pretty good deal to me.

Melly's Note: Robyn, I sincerely wish you and your husband-to-be a lifetime of happiness! Oh and I don't think you sent me those directions... ;)


Duckie said...

I don't care what Vitorio says Robyn.. You are going to be a BEAUTIFUL Bride!!

I can't wait to see the pictures!!

Lots of love and happiness being sent your way!!!

Duckie said...

opps.. Melly must of deleted Vitorio's comment.. LOL

I love cake said...

LOL Yeah, I don't know what was up with that comment. If I don't understand it, I'm deleting it.

Renee said...

Great Interview. I'll try & smuggle out a piece of cake for you, Melly. :)

Betty said...

I can't wait to see pictures either! And perhaps Renee can sneak in a photo of the cake, too.

Best wishes for a lovely wedding and very happy life together!

Vitório Rosário Cardoso said...

Dear Sir,

Please delete all comments signed with the name "vitório rosário cardoso" because are not published by the original author but by a "clone" that wants only to damage my reputation.

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Vitório Rosário Cardoso said...

Dear Madam,

Please delete all comments signed with the name "vitório rosário cardoso" because are not published by the original author but by a "clone" that wants only to damage my reputation.

Thank you for your attention,

Vitório R. Cardoso

Robyn said...

Thanks to Melly for interviewing me and thanks everyone (except for Vitorio's clone???) for the lovely comments.

I promise to share photos... either on ADWOFF or my blog. =)

I love cake said...

Weird. I never had clone comments before. Awesome!

You're welcome, Robyn. It was fun. Despite my craving's for cake. ;)

Renee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Renee said...

I can take pictures of the cake, maybe I can get the bride in there as well.

(I deleted my other comment 'cause it was pissing me off that I misspelled there/their)

Vitório Rosário Cardoso said...

Thanks for your effort.

The case is being already investigate by the proper Portuguese police authorities.

My best regards,
Vitório Rosário Cardoso