Monday, February 25, 2008

Pop Goes the Blog

I feel like I haven't really blogged about myself in awhile. Not that I'm very exciting. But the point of a blog is to talk about yourself...right? Okay, my definition of one is.

Tonight we went grocery shopping and I bought myself some real popcorn kernels and popped up my own tonight. Mmm... It brought back memories and tasted better than that dried up microwave popcorn. I love that sound of popcorn popping in a pot. There's even a deleted scene in Racing for the Shore where the hero is popping up some on the stove.

Did you like that? Deleted scene? Yes, I have deleted scenes.

In other news, I gave up on Virtual Villagers. I still check in on my villages (I had three!) and people are dying left and right. When I finally got one of the natives to have triplets, I knew I had done everything I could do.

But... I did download an hour long trial of the second game. Yeah, that wasn't good. I could see me getting addicted to that one as well. Good thing I don't have the money right now.

A good mindless game I've found to pass the time is Peggle. Where you shoot out balls (heh) and try to hit the orange pegs. (I swear they look red though). I found out that my Bejeweled included a free version of it. You can't unlock everything without buying it, but all I really need is the Quick Play anyway.

OMG. My blog is becoming all about computer games. What happened to me???

Thursday night, we're going to the Bon Jovi concert in DC. Was that good?

But of course I ended up having to ask a coworker what people wear "these days" when they go out.

Is that sad? It is sad. I'm such a hermit. Especially in the winter. My mom says I hibernate. It's true. And I eat enough to feed a large bear as well. How else do you explain starting a blog with the subject of popcorn?

In writing news... Well, not much right now. I did open up my WIP (heh) the other day. Oh and when I was taking a nap on Sunday, I dreamed of a really good scene. And one day I'm going to type it up. I swear!

I have a office! I've always had a office but then my son took it over. Well, okay, I guess I kind of let him. After all, the couch was so much more comfy. But not a very productive setting for me. Then the other day my husband was renovating an office and brought home this huge desk set. It's nice! But takes up most of the office. It's three parts.

I'll have to take a picture of day. That reminds me. I have a new camera. I have Photoshop. But I can't install any of the software on this computer. I have Windows 2000 and they only run on XP or Vista. How much does that suck? I know I have a XP disc around here somewhere, but for the life of me I can't find it. So now I just look at the Photoshop box, dreaming of the day I can make blackmail pictures of my coworkers.

OH! And the most wonderful present of them all! How did I not speak of this? I got one of those iPod thingies (technical term) that lets you play your iPod in your car, using your stereo. It's the best thing EVER. Now I can take my iPod everywhere with me!! And I don't have to listen to annoying commercials anymore. I love this thing! [Okay, I know, I did mention this. But I'm duplicating a blog entry from Myspace. This is what happens when I have more than one blog]

Hmm...just went back to being a geek again, didn't I?

Okay, I'll wrap this up now before I go so far I can't redeem myself.

I have balls to play with.

Did that sound wrong?

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