Thursday, February 6, 2014

So Saucy

Lately I've been looking at old cookbooks. Whenever we go to thrift stores or used bookstores, I  like to skim through them because some of the older recipes are just...gross and strange. My mom brought over some cookbooks she had and one of them was a children's cookbook from 1963. "For the Hostess and Host of tomorrow." Yeah, I'm scared too.

This is the first picture I see:

Timmy: "Watch me take out my saucy frank..."

Sally: "Your frank is saucy. So plump..."

Just in case you thought I was making this up...

Saucy Franks give you plenty of spicy sauce for the buns... That's what he said!

After Amanda made herself a grape float, she went straight to the convent.

When life gives you lemons, this clown will suck out your soul!

Even I don't need a recipe for cinnamon toast and I'm blonde!

Would anyone like to board the S.S. Bob? Destination...eww.

Kids, if anyone wants to put a egg in your bun, say NO. Trust me.

Why is the girl on her knees making "some-mores"? That's not right! "Baby get down and make me some-more." At least it wasn't saucy franks.

Here's a close-up. Feels like it might be one of those swingers clubs, but with snacks.

Have I ever tasted a doughnut sundae?? Hell no! That sounds like the best invention EVER! Why is the moon walk the biggest achievement we hear about from the 60's? We had doughnut sundaes! The 60's WERE awesome.  I'm so trying that.

This is not what you might thinking reading the word drumstick. It's ground beef on a stick. With bacon on it. Yeah, it's that awesome.

My spaghetti brings all the monkey's grinders to the yard... This is disturbing in many ways. First of all, why is this man lurking around this young girl's window? And why is spaghetti made with Vienna Sausages? It's literally a can of spaghetti with Vienna sausages added. It's redneck spaghetti! Or unemployed person spaghetti. Hmm... 

This soup. Not so super...

Someone once offered me their magic white sauce. It was not what I expected..

"If Father serves at your house, the plates belong in a stack at his place." Father cannot be bothered to get up and serve people.

I don't know what to say about this. It's under "salads". It's pineapple, two nuts, and some cherries? So much innuendo... Brain...over...load....

This is a tomato sandwich salad. It's layers of tomato and cottage cheese. And lettuce. Mmm....

Well, that concludes our trip back in time. There was so much more I could've commented on. Like when they tell you that you can make breakfast for your mom, "ask Dad if he'd turn out in time to make a pot of coffee for you." Turn out? There was also apple sauce made from Red Hot's and Perky cooky (sic) faces made from vanilla wafers. So many ways to scare away any guests who come to your house for dinner!
Now I have to go. It's Doughnut Sundae time!! It's going on my shopping list right after Vienna Sausage...

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