Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Fast and Blonde

For Christmas my family was given some Under Armour jackets and pullover's. These things are nice! Cozy and warm. I wear mine all the time now. Mine has a hood. I'm finally a little gangster! Ha! I couldn't even type that with a straight face.

The other day Smoke and I were watching Fast and Furious 6 when he said, "Look that guy has Under Armour clothes on."

Me: "Really??"

Suddenly, I felt cool. I rarely wear clothes that cool and/or famous people wear. The entire outfit I have on right now was purchased at Walmart for about $10. Once Izzy on Grey's Anatomy wore a shirt I wore, but that's the extent of my fashion sense. And I got that at Ross, so that was just a lucky coincidence. I'm the girl in The Devil Wears Prada before she sees the big closet of clothes and sells out. But she looks awesome! (OMG... I still crave that grilled cheese her curly haired boyfriend makes her that she wasted! All the clothes and I want the grilled cheese).
After that I walked prouder. Maybe even with a little Fast and Furious strut. I drive a little faster. I may be approaching 40, but I make it look good!

Today we were going to the store (coughWalmartcough) and I noticed Smoke was wearing his pullover and I was wearing my jacket. "Look how cool we are! We are both wearing Under Armour."

Him: "Just because we saw these once on Fast and Furious doesn't make us cool."

Me: "Sure it does. Which guy was wearing it? Vin Diesel?"

Him: "No."

Me: "The Rock?"

Him: "No."

Me: "Well I know it wasn't Paul Walker. Was it the other dudes? Bob? Joe?" (I'm just guessing at this point).

Him: <clearly annoyed with this conversation> "It was the Rock."

Me: "I said The Rock."

Him: Grunts. <Has checked out of the conversation and isn't pretending to listen anymore>

Me: "I'm pretty sure I could be the new Fast and Furious character. It's so sad about Paul Walker. They will need a new blonde who is awesome and almost 40." I step on the gas. My Ford Focus has now transformed into a cool car that I don't know the name of because I always drift off when we are watching these movies and focus mainly on the Rock's chiseled arms. I slow down because hey the speed limit is 45 and I was doing 50. Living on the edge, baby! I'm fast and just a little annoyed! (I can't remember why they were furious... The price of gas? I should watch these movies before I audition for a role).

You know what would make those movies better? A grilled cheese. There's nothing better than a grilled cheese. On The Rock's arms... While he's naked... Hmm... What was I blogging about again?

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