Friday, December 13, 2013

'Tis the Season for Lists

After a trip to Target and to my storage unit, my Christmas movie collection for this year is complete! My collection has swelled from about four core movies to eight. Since this is the season of holiday movies, I thought I'd share my favorites from least to best. We will do this one movie at a time until I'm done. Or I get bored and leave you hanging. Ha! No, I promise to finish.

8. Scrooged. This is a new addition to my collection this year, although I've always loved it. This movie is truly Bill Murray's show and we are just there for the ride. This is him in his zany Ghostbusters/Stripes glory. But the supporting cast is excellent too. Especially Carol Kane as the ghost of Christmas present.

It's basically a remake of the The Christmas Carol while they are putting together a remake of The Christmas Carol. Bill Murray's character, Frank Cross, is a cynical television executive who has to be shown the true meaning of Christmas. Even if it's a toaster to the head!

I love this movie, but I just have a hard time believing that everyone would be watching a live edition of Scrooge on Christmas Eve. I didn't watch the live edition of Sound of Music and I doubt I would've watched this either. But it's a Christmas movie. If we're supposed to buy Bobcat Goldthwait as a television executive, we can believe anything...

If you have somehow missed seeing this movie, watch it now! I can guarantee it will make you feel good.

Tomorrow: Number 7. Also a visitor is expected at my house soon. Stay tuned to see who it is!

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