Saturday, December 14, 2013

7th Holiday Movie: Last Holiday

The 7th movie on my list is Last Holiday. It stars Queen Latifah, Gerald Depardieu and LL Cool J. Did I say LL Cool J? Any movie with a little LL is a good thing. For that reason alone this movie would be good. But it's actually a great movie on its own.

Queen Latifah plays an underappreciated sales clerk at a department store who finds out she has less than a month to live. She decides to quit her job right away and use her savings to take a trip to Europe. She has lived pretty modestly so she has a lot of savings.

She ends up at an expensive resort living like every day is her last. (Thankfully this was pre-YOLO). The movie is wonderful. Queen Latifah's character Georgia Byrd is someone you'd want to hang out with and money doesn't change that. Plus she has LL Cool J literally moving mountains to get to her. What more can a woman want?

As much as I love LL Cool J, I have to say the standup character was Gerald Depardieu's Chef Didier. His joy in finding someone who truly appreciates his cooking with no substitutions is awesome. Then the way he comes to care for Georgia after finding out about her condition is sweet for an ornery French chef.

The only unrealistic part is believing that Queen Latifah would ever be a doormat. But if you are able to put that aside, I know you'll enjoy it. It's sweet and it makes you feel good.

Did I mention LL Cool J? LL Cool J, LL Cool J, LL Cool J. I can't say it too many times!

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