Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Lone Blonde to the Rescue

This afternoon I notice Bridezilla is one of the "best of" show's, which aren't my favorites, so I find myself watching the Pop-Up version of Jersey Shore. It's Jersey Shore, but with reading! Bonus! I try to decide if this is a low point of my unemployment or a high point, because it felt pretty awesome to me. It's Jersey Shore, bitches!

Before I could come to any conclusions though, JJ called me. He was working with Smoke today and they were broke down at a 7-11 and needed me to pick them up. A-ha! My chance to be a super-hero with my sidekick Scooter! It's like we'd been training for this moment. And by training I mean, sitting around watching trashy television.

We jump on our trusty steed (or my Ford Focus) and off we go. I tell Scooter, "We are going to get JJ and Daddy!" He gets all excited and I have to calm him down. He's like, "Now? NOW? Where's JJ and Daddy?" Then runs through the car looking out all the windows for them like he's on crack. *sigh* My sidekick is a little dumb.

We get there and the Blazer is indeed broken down. The Blazer used to be mine until I swerved to avoid a deer one morning, hit an embankment and almost totaled it. Well, according to the insurance company it was totaled, but Smoke just saw that as a challenge. It has lived on since those days, but there's a lot of mileage on it and has needed many parts. First we try the easy fix and buy a new battery. That doesn't work. We then start driving a LOT.

We drive to his job to clean up (they'd just ran up to the store for a cold drink). We drive to my mother-in-law's where I lock my keys in the car. I also lock the spare key in there car since that's on my husband's key chain. Luckily, I'd left my window cracked so we use a broom handle to press the unlock button. Then we drive back to the Blazer with a new starter, but he's not able to fix that at the 7-11. Then we drive to Wendy's, where I finally try the pretzel burger, which is just as awesome as JJ and Katie told me! Then we kind of hang around trying to decide our next move. It's decided it will probably have to be towed tomorrow and we go home.

It was a long afternoon and I'm not sure what's going to happen with the Blazer. But as they say, when it rains it pours. And it's been pouring hard! A monsoon.

But I'll always have Jersey Shore! Pop-up version!

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