Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Let me just start out by saying it's freaking cold right now! I'm sitting here with flannel sleep pants and a sweater on. I almost put on socks. Where's my heat and humidity? I need my heat! What age is it acceptable to retire to Florida? I think I'm there right now!

Today I finally finished the Steve Jobs book. And it's a pretty big accomplishment. I thought maybe Steve was haunting my book and making it longer because I swear it wouldn't end. Even Smoke said, "I've never seen you not finish a book."

I'm mostly interested in the Silicon Valley history of computing, but I'm also curious about the Pixar and the "i" days too. The book just has so much detail and he was such an asshole. There's no way else of saying it. He is one of the most brilliant men of our time, but he wasn't a nice person.

This book made me miss my dad. My dad was big into computers and worked for NASA back before I was born. Back before there was personal computer. I would love to have his input. I know he would have a lot to say. He definitely wasn't a Mac man. Maybe they are up in heaven right now arguing about the better operating system. They did both like Bob Dylan though. My dad would appreciate that.

At least now I can focus on the rest of my mystery books before I have to take them back to the library next week.

I also worked on my eating today. I started buying my Lean Cuisine's again and for snacks I had Fig Newton's and tortilla chips with hummus. Scooter needed his ride today and I got so close to going and get ice cream. But I didn't. I just took him through some back roads. He's happy with that. I still want ice cream though. I just wish I live in the suburbs where I might be able to flag down an ice cream truck. Pity they don't have them out here at the end of the world.

I did apply for one job today, but the pickings were slim. I really need to focus a little better or look outside the box. Maybe I'll buy an ice cream truck.

Until tomorrow...

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