Monday, July 15, 2013

The Cat Days of Summer

Cat Days of Summer

The good news is that whatever I had seems to be short-lived. I woke up this morning with a wicked sore throat. I took three Advil and slept until about 11:00, but it seems to have worked. That and a combination of turning on an Adam Sandler marathon that was on FX. There's nothing The Wedding Singer can't cure!

The rest of the morning and most of the afternoon was spent working on unemployment and job applications. Finding a job is my full time job now. I also realized that I still need a proper interview suit, so I will have to shop for that too. I haven't worn a real suit since the says of Ally McBeal when the jackets came down to the bottom of the skirt. Ahh... The good old days. When shirts were short and waistlines were anerexic.

I miss the 90's. I'm pretty sure waiting a plaid skirt with long knee socks is out too. What about shoulder pads? Are they back yet? Oh, Melanie Griffith, you are my hero. Wait, that was the 80's. It just shows you my fashion sense.

Since I didn't get out today except to go to the store, I have to do something tomorrow. My son wants me to take him to the video game store early because some game comes out tomorrow and he preordered it. I asked him what time he wanted to go. I was thinking 8 or 9 since he wanted to get there early and he was like, "Noon." Ahh... Yes, early morning in the teenage time zone.

After that we are going to the library. It's been years since I've been to a library. Mainly, because I worked during most library hours. And because I liked to own my books and hated sharing. But now I'm not like that. I just need some books to read. I don't mind giving them back. I don't care if people have already fingered the book. I'm hoping going to the library will also be a good story. It's just a shame I can't bring Scooter. Or a cat. I could probably sneak a cat in though... Hmm...

We are in the middle of a heat wave here, hence the picture of the cat. The best thing is how the weather forecasters will explain to us what heat is like we don't have a heat wave EVERY summer. They tell us not to leave our pets outside. To stay hydrated. Wear light colors. Like a bunch of us are going out in our winter coats all confused. "What is this weird feeling? What is this liquid coming from my forehead? Why does my tongue feel weird?" The stupid people who always leave their pets in their cars (and God forbid their kids), will never learn no matter how many times the weather people warn us.

Ok. That's it for today. Be prepared for a library story tomorrow! In the meantime, stay cool. Run around naked!

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