Sunday, July 14, 2013

Redneck Child

I think I'm getting a cold. All those sick days I could've used while I was working and suddenly I'm coughing and congested during a time when every day is like a sick day. Go figure!

Today JJ and I took Scooter for another walk. He's doing good on the walks, but they really wear him out. He crashes hard at night. Here is a picture of my barefoot redneck child, JJ, and Scooter walking near some wild flowers:

Wild flowers

So cute! And I didn't see a grizzly or even a grizzly wrestling Brad Pitt. Which would've been kind of cool. Well, seeing Brad Pitt anyway. On the plus side, there was no shooting going on so we didn't have to do a sniper crawl or anything.

Today was kind of a down day for me. I was sad when I heard the news of Cory Monteith's death. Finn and Rachel was always my favorite storyline on Glee and one of the reasons I watched it as long as I did. Even when the rest of the show was kind of sucky.

Then I was thinking about my coworkers and how much I miss them. Like most losses in our lives, it doesn't always hit you right away. It's been two weeks and I guess my mind is finally catching up.

But I wanted to post tonight. I didn't want to start skipping nights. This blog is about my experience during this time... Good, bad, or funny. Gummy bear related or not. It has been a couple days (2) since I had gummy bears so maybe this is the withdrawl...

I'll be back tomorrow. Coughing or not...

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