Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Ramble

This past weekend was spent getting used to this big hole in our lives. Every time I go out to the garage where Sheena lived for the past couple weeks, it feels so empty. I was so used to stepping over her to make my coffee or go into the refrigerator. My husband took out her bed and her blanket. I guessed he couldn't stand to look at it anymore.

Saturday I spent all day in bed with a heating pad. If you're a woman, you'll understand what I mean. I was going to watch some movies but instead ended up watching a Living Single marathon on TV. I love that show! This was a celebrity costar marathon as well. It was really funny. I wonder if they have that show on DVD yet? No, Melly! Bad girl!

*cough* Sorry about that.

Sunday I read some ebooks and did laundry. Not to mention watching football...of course. I watched the Redskins get beaten by St. Louis. But I had already predicted they would. When I saw how bad St. Louis's record was, I said, oh yeah, they are going to go into this game thinking easy win and then choke. And I was right! Sadly, enough. Three turnovers??? WTF? C'mon! I need to hurry up and get ready. I'm moving slow this morning. Oh, but I do have an interview set up for this week! And I'm still working on the many other I need to do. This blog will be back to normal in no time! Whatever normal is...

Happy Columbus Day! To those who have the day off... I hate you! ;o)

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