Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Monkey Business

My son bought me back two Sock Monkey's from the beach. Their names are Fred and Cassie. They wanted to talk to you today.

Fred: Hi! I'm a sock monkey that sits on the top of Melly's TV stand.

Cassie: Hello! I sit next to Fred, but for some reason I don't think he likes me.

Fred: I like you. You're just sitting a little too close to me.

Cassie: What do you mean?

Fred: Well, for starters, you're kissing my arm.

Cassie: Is there something wrong with that?

Fred: All the time??? My arm is getting chapped.

Cassie: Anyway, we weren't here to talk about that.

Fred: What are we talking about then?

Cassie: We're here to talk about Melly.

Fred: What about her?

Cassie: Well, all she does is sit on the couch on her computer.

Me: Hey! I thought you wanted to talk about something important.

Cassie: This is important. What do you do for all those hours???

Me: Well, I....

Fred: I'm sure she's writing.

Me: Yeah! What he says!

Cassie: If you're writing, then how come I rarely see you type?

Me: Well, umm...

Fred: Good point, Cassie. What are you doing, Melly?

Me: Ok, well, I did get a new game.

Cassie: Ah-ha! We're onto something!

Fred: What game?

Me: *mumbling* VirtualVillagersTheSecretCity.

Cassie: I didn't hear you.

Me: Fine! I got Virtual Villagers, The Secret City.

Fred: Uh-huh. Well, I'm sure that's important.

Me: It is! This whole village depends on me!

Cassie: Really? They depend on you, huh? The way your son depends on you?

Me: Exactly!

Fred: What did you do before you drove your son to school?

Me: Umm...

Fred: And what did you do when you got back from driving your son to school?

Me: Err....

Cassie: This is an intervention. You need a life.

Me: Wait, my two sock monkeys are holding an intervention? Somehow this wasn't how I pictured one of these going.

Fred: We wanted the refrigerator to join us, but sadly it's a bit empty at the moment.

Me: I was going to go grocery shopping.

Cassie: Give her a break, Fred. She did buy some potato chips last night.

Me: I've been busy!

Fred: Feeding your fake village?

Me: *pouting* Sock monkeys aren't as cool as I thought they were.

Cassie: It's a bit dusty up here.

Fred: I have allergies! *sneeze*

Me: I like my virtual friends better.


Jeannie said...

Dude...I worry about you sometimes LOLOL

Duckie said...

If blogging about your Sock Monkeys is wrong.. I don't want to be right.

Suz said...

Melly, Melly, Melly.....seriously?

Sweetie.....it's just time to let the sock monkeys go......

I love cake said...

What did you say? Make the Sock monkey's a weekly thing? Sure! I can do that!

Renee said...

First the interview w/ yourself & now the sock monkeys? I'm a tad concerned. Although, my Disney Bear might be a more interesting person to Interview??

I love cake said...

Renee, just let me know when he/she is available and I'm there! ;