Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School

Today was J's first day of high school. Let me tell you, for someone like me, six in the morning comes pretty quick. It was still dark out! That's just WRONG. Then when I went to take him to the bus stop, my car battery was dead. Yes, dead. Stupid thing.

I had to wake up my husband so he could take us both. While me and B were sitting in the truck, he thought we should leave so J wouldn't be embarrassed by having his parents sitting there watching him get on the bus. But he's my baby! I couldn't just leave him there! I guess one day I'll have to let go...when he's 20 *cough* 18.

His bus didn't even come until close to seven, but I'm assuming that's because it was the first day. He was worried about where he was going to sit on the bus. Man, I remember those days. Kind of.

Hopefully he'll be able to find his way around. He was all worried last night because he couldn't find his map of the school. But we found it.

High This is it. The last stretch. Why am I so sad?

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Connie said...

You're sad because in a lot of ways, high school is the beginning of the end of your child's dependence on you. In essence, the entire high school experience is childhood's last hurrah.

In some ways, I'm kinda glad That Boy took an extra year to finish high school; I think we both needed it.