Monday, July 21, 2008

What I've been doing....

Since I haven't been posting in awhile, I thought I'd do a quick, Quickie Review of what I've been doing...

Grey's Anatomy-I finally finished watching Season Three on Friday, which brings to an end my Grey's marathon. Now I'm ready for the DVD of Season Four, and then after that, Season Five. More McDreamy!

How I Met Your Mother
-I'd never watched this show before, but two of my coworkers really liked it, so I asked if they could loan me Season One and Two. This weekend I finished Season One and I'm now working on Season Two. It's a funny show! I especially enjoy Barney aka Dougie Houser, although I'm pretty sure he has a real name. Suit up!

Books by Helen Brooks
-I found a new author named Helen Brooks. She's a British writer, and seems to mostly write for Harlequin Presents. I like her books because she reminds me of Betty Neels. Well, without the frumpy nurses. She mostly writes from the female POV, but she does it so well I don't really miss the male POV. The love scenes are minimal, but again, I don't miss those either. She's able to get the point across without them. I finished three of her books Friday and Saturday and now I'm going to keep looking for more.

LaVyrle Spencer re-reads
-LaVyrle was my first romance writer, and still the one who has a special place in my heart. I reread one of her books last week and I'm reading The Hellion right now. I don't think I'll ever get over her retirement back in the 90's. Sigh.

Tribute, Nora Roberts-in the midst of all these other *cough*important activities*cough*, I've also been reading Tribute. I'm not sure why it's taking me so long to read it. I guess it's just not holding my attention as much as I want it to. But I will finish it soon.

Writing-as I was driving home Friday, I was talking out loud, working all the kinks out in my book. I really need to figure out exactly where I'm going with the plot, and make sure I have all the characters in order. It's taking me way too long to write, but I am writing now!! I think all the reading has inspired me.

Swingtown-it's funny because I originally started watching this so me and Suz could make fun of it, but I think I'm actually becoming addicted to this show and the plot. Although I'm still disappointed by the lack of swinging and the kids need to go. I'm really not interested in their plotline at all. But come Thursday night, I'll still be sitting here watching it. It's just too irresistible.

Project Runway
-actually any show on Bravo. I'm a bit of an addict when it comes to that channel.

In the life that doesn't involve books, television or the computer (I do have one), I'm still working (eeh) and going to my mom's house. My husband is starting on her house this week so she can put it on the market.

So that's my life...Quickie Review style. I'm still looking for people to interview if you're interested. Oh, and if I owe you an interview, I'm finishing those up today!

Now I need to get back to that life I pretend I have...


Shiela Stewart said...

Oh I LOVE How I Met Your Mother and Barney is my all time favorite character! By the way, his name is Neil Patrick Harris. LOL

I've been an avid watcher of the show since day one and truth be told, I only tuned in because I love Allison Hannigan who plays Lily(aka Willow from Buffy)

Although the show is supposed to be about Ted and his pursuit for the perfect woman to be his wife, I think the show really revolves around Barney. He is Fab-wait for it-tabulous!

My favorite word now is Ridonkulous! LOL

Now get back to writing woman, I need a Melly book fix. :)

Duckie said...

I'll be starting disk two of Season 2 of Grey's tonight. I should be ready for Season 4 when it comes out on disk.

I know I've said this before.. and you have too.. but you forget how great a show it really is until you start watching them again.