Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Party Shuffle

I was playing with iTunes tonight and noticed a playlist feature called "Party Shuffle" and I had to check it out.

Here's my shuffle:

My Love, Justin Timberlake. Okay, so far so good. I can jam to that. Well, when I say jam, I mean doing the head bob made famous by Saturday Night Live and Night at the Roxbury. "What is love...baby don't hurt me...no more."

Don't Bring me Down, Electric Light Orchestra. Umm...okay. That's cool. Nice 80's flashback.

Everybody (Backstreet's Back), Backstreet Boys. Wait, who put that on my iTunes??? It couldn't have been me! Someone's hacked into my iTunes! Moving on...

Track 14. Wait, what? How can you know if it's a party tune when it has no title? Great shuffle there, iTunes!

Cleaning this Gun (Come on in Boy), Rodney Atkins. First of all, what's with that long ass title? And who exactly is partying to this song? Ahh...yes, party down to a father threatening his daughter's boyfriend with a gun. Whooo-hooo!

Brooklyn Roads, Neil Diamond. Oh yeah, the party's started now!!! When I think party, I think Neil Diamond!

My Humps, Black Eyed Peas. Okay, yes, that does work. I'm head bobbing again.

Comfort Me, Tim McGraw. Seriously? Good song, but there's not a lot of dancing going on here.

Getcha Some, Toby Keith. LOL Okay, this title just cracks me up. Welcome to my redneck party!

Need I Say More, George Strait. No, you don't, but I do see people leaving for the door right now. Come back! It has to get better!

You Ain't Much Fun, Toby Keith. Ain't much fun = Party. Yeah, I see it.

D'Yer, Mak'er, Led Zeppelin. Dude...pass the joi-uh, never mind. What kind of party is this again?

Take Me With U, Prince. Woo! Prince! Of course those people who were enjoying Toby are confused.

Lovely Rita, The Beatles. Hey, I have more beer! Please, stay!

Stay Gone, Jimmy Wayne. Shut up, Jimmy! I said I wanted them to STAY.

Feelin' The Same Way, Norah Jones. I love Norah, but I have this thing about keeping my guests awake.

Sam, Olivia Newton John. Okay, seriously, who hacked into my iTunes account???

Live for the Moment, Bad Company. Bang your head! Woot!

Typical Male, Tina Turner. From Bad Company to Tina Turner...quite a transition there.

Every Woman in the World, Air Supply. From the typical male to every woman in the world. What is this shuffle trying to tell me?

Six Foot Town, Big & Rich. What's that sound? Oh, that's all my guests leaving my party.

It Did, Brad Paisley - yeah, suddenly I'm very depressed. Sitting here alone, empty bottles, just me and Brad....

Track 08 - Oh c'mon!

Fire (Live)- Bruce Springsteen. Sorry, Bruce, I've let you down. It's not my fault. It's iTune's. They didn't give me a good party shuffle.

Gasoline Alley, Rod Stewart. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? You're not even trying now!

Watermelon Crawl, Tracy Byrd, Doing the watermelon crawl down gasoline alley. Fun!

Morningside, Neil Diamond...Okay, obviously that's my cue that the party shuffle feature is NOT working. This song starts out like this:

The old man died
And no one cried
They simply turned away
And when he died
He left a table made of nails and pride
And with his hands he carved these words inside
for my children

Oh yeah, party time!!! Whoo! The old man died and no one cried!!

I guess the party's over! I need to go carve a chair with my tears...

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