Saturday, July 26, 2008

More Pictures!

My mom found an old flash drive at her house, and on it were pictures my dad had backed up for me when I changed computers. They are from 2002.

Since I was bored, I thought I'd post some:

My dad ordered a Survivor bandanna when we first started watching the show. I think it was from the Australia season. (The kangaroo might be a clue).

My son's hamster. When I got my new camera that year, I took a hundred pictures of this hamster like it was America's Next Top Model or something. It was a good hamster. Hampy was his (her?) name.

This was my son's "gun" shop. You can see the guns he made out of Lego's.

Sheena stuck under a coffee table:

This is Corrie, one of my parents dogs. I miss her so much. It hasn't been the same since she left us.

New Year's Eve 2003. My dad wanted to know if you want...


Or two?

I have many more pictures, but I don't want to go overboard. Now it's time to clean! Yay.

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