Thursday, June 26, 2008

May the force be with you...and potato salad.

Summer is here, and at work that means, company picnic! It will be in the back parking lot of our building (as all good picnics are), and will include chair races, basketball and food. Well, I think that's all. I'm not sure.

What is a chair race you might ask? Or you might might not even care. Well, I'll tell you anyway. You take a chair. You take a box. You cut the box. You decorate your chair with said box. Then you eat some lox in your chair on a box.

The chair race is five laps, so you have five "drivers". There are many groups in our building, so each group designs their own race chair. Ours is decorated like some kind of Star Wars vehicle. Don't ask me which one. I'm not that into Star Wars.

Oh wait, I think I found it.

But I did create the license plate!! Our chair is called Yoda1. And under that I put: Go fast, we must. Yes, I'm a bit of a nerd. But it was a project that kept me away from work, so that is always good.

I also told the coordinator for our group that I would be backup "driver" in case anyone back out. Let's seriously hope that doesn't happen!

We were also told the dress code for this picnic is "business casual". What does that mean?? I have no idea. So now I need to go upstairs and riffle through my clothes to find something appropriate. And what about shoes? I don't know. I have a hard enough time dressing myself as it is.

Is a picnic supposed to be this stressful?

Anyway, time to get ready. Wish me luck today! I might need it. *grin*

I'm also bringing my camera, so hopefully I'll have pictures as well.

That's it for Melly's Thoughts for today...

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Have fun today girlie! :D