Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My interview with Melody Knight aka N.D. Hansen-Hill. We have Smurfs!

Today I have an interview with my fellow Linden Bay Romance writer, Melody Knight. She also writes under the name of N.D. Hansen-Hill. Residing in New Zealand, she has written about some pretty interesting you'll soon find out.

So without further ado, here is my interview with Melody Knight, the uncut version:

On a scale of 1-10, how awesome do you think I am? Be honest. You can go higher than 10 if you like. (No excuses about how you don’t know me and stuff like that).

A 10. Honestly. You're interviewing me. That shows a level of selflessness, right? Selflessness is always worth a 10 !

Like me, you are published with Linden Bay Romance. Is it intimidating being around such greatness?
It was when I started out! I'd never written a romance novel, and I found it reaaaallly difficult. I was intimidated every time I sent in another edit, LOL.

Since your name has a “Mel” in it, can I call you Melly 2?

Actually, that seems frightfully irreverent! My real name is Norah, which I don't like, and then I go and find this really beauteous name Melody. I am enamoured with it (sighing artfully). I love that name! Shortening it to Melly 2? Who would think? Just call me "Melodious 1" instead, LOL.

Okay, here is the hard-hitting question. You ready? What is your favorite holiday?

Christmas. I absolutely friggin' love it!

I see that you also publish under the name N.D. Hansen-Hill. Is that a split personality thing?

Only when I'm writing, and depending on how seriously I'm feeling about my subject. Melody is a free spirit compared to ND. Romance writers may explore their medium, but without the romantic gloss, SF and horror writers need to be much more intense.

I see you write a lot about elves. Are those like Smurf’s? Can you write a book about Smurf’s? I love them!

I have green men, who were mutated. Does that count? I could write about Smurfs, but the elf traditions are what capture me. I love the magic.

You also have books about trolls. Are those like the ones that hang out under bridges and scare away billy goats?

Of course! Only, my trolls are the antithesis of those goat scaring guys. They are the healers of their world.

In your Linden Bay Romance book, In Trysts, you have a character named Jake Hastings, who is a government agent. He sounds hot. Can I have him?

If my heroine, Peri, will relinquish him. At times, when he is being overbearing, I think perhaps she wouldn't mind…

Okay, this is your turn to add whatever you want. Promote, etc… I’ll be over here thinking about writing a romantic Smurf book. Maybe Smurfette with Brainy? Or Jokey. Hmm….

Since I never know what I'm going to be writing next, a romantic Smurf book might not be too far off!

My most recent release is GlassWorks, released Friday by Red Rose. Yay! I seem to be writing a lot of paranormals lately, so maybe I'm inspired by the fact it's winter here and dark arrives early. I'm also doing far more novellas, which I'm enjoying. I can get into a story in short order, create a mood, then vanish. Very fun! I've also recently signed my 30th contract, so I've been busy. 2008 has been a record year for me! Since January 1st, In Flames, ErRatic, Of Dragons, The Hollowing, and GlassWorks have been released, with Emerald City, A Kiss for Luck, BoneSong, Relic, BloodWorks, and Gray Beginnings yet to be released this year. Busy, busy, busy!

Thank you for this opportunity, Melanie!

Cheers, and best wishes,

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Shiela Stewart said...

HI Melody/Nora!
Love the interview!!

If I may make a suggestion. You could write a story and have the smurfs evil. I always thought there was a sinister side to the smurfs. And they really aren't a romance story so a scary fiction would work. Think about it. All those male smurfs and one female and they DON'T jump her bones! Stupid smurfs. LOL

I love cake said...

Shiela!! This is a bash free Smurf zone!! The Smurfs rock! ;)

Remind me to tell the story of the Smurf party I had that got snowed out. Nobody came! All the smurf-a-licious good times ruined!

LOL@one female. I think they eventually had a baby Smurf, but I still don't think Smurfette had anything to do with it. Can you imagine trying to figure out the paternity of a Smurf baby?? "Well, the baby is blue, but that doesn't narrow it down at all."

Hmm...I should go back to work now.

Jane Beckenham said...

Busy girl Melody/ND...and I can attest to the split personality LOL - since i know you!
But heck, this girl sure can write, live, love and laugh, all at the same time. A great assett.
Hugs from me