Thursday, January 10, 2008

A New Look!

My website has a new look and I love it! Nonnie really outdid herself this time. :o) Be sure to check out the video that Shiela Stewart made as well. I'm very lucky to have friends who help me out.

In writing news, I've written a whole paragraph! Okay, that's not much, but after I kind of dropped out of the "sweating" challenge, it's a lot. I guess I should've known better to even try a challenge like that when I know how I am. I'm not a structured writer like that. If I'm not in the mood, I'm just not in the mood.

I don't think its writer's block. I think its a little touch of writing ADHD. If I force myself to write, just so that I can say I'm writing, the finished product is going to be crap.

Although I still think I need to set up some kind of writing area. That's what the office was for, but... My son has taken over that with this new computer. I think the plan is to get him a desk for his room so I can have it back. Then I can set up my laptop in there and have my own space.

That's the plan anyway. We'll see how it all works out. ;o)

Anyway, be sure to look around my website and see all the new litte gadgets I have! And we're still not done yet, so keep checking back!

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