Sunday, January 13, 2008

Life's a beach.

One of the reason's that Racing for the Shore is based at the beach is because the beach is such a romantic location. The roaring waves, the beautiful sunsets and then there's that feeling of being the only two people in this universe.

The other reason is because I just love it. When my parents would take us to the beach, I would just stand on the shore watching the waves roll past me and make up stories in my mind. It was the best place to let my imagination run free.

Last night, me and my son were talking about something that led to me thinking about the Boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland. Growing up, that was the vacation spot in the summer. Oh man, I LOVED the Boardwalk with its many wonders-the smell of Boardwalk fries, the sounds of video games, the Haunted House ride, the ferris wheel at the end. Oh and I can't forget the smell of t-shirts being pressed.

Anyway, our conversation got me so nostalgic, that I ended up Googling Ocean City and found a Boardwalk cam. Awesome! Now I could see the Boardwalk whenever I wanted!

Of course its winter, so you don't see that much, but today I've noticed that there are a lot of people walking the Boardwalk, all bundled up against the cold. Some are walking dogs, some are walking hand and hand. Now I'm envious. I want to be at the beach! I want to smell the salt air and hear the sea gulls calling!

That's why I wrote Racing for the Shore. I wrote it so that I could be there, even if it was just in my imagination, for a little while...

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