Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I helped the Ferrets!

I've never really thought about black footed ferrets before, but since this whole Cassie Edwards plagiarism controversy hit the fan, I've learned so much more. It's sad when any species is endangered.

So Nora Roberts challenged all the "Smart Bitches" to help contribute to Defenders of the Wildlife so something comes from it. She's going to match up to $5,000. (But if you know Nora, she'll prolly add more to that).

Here is the article, if you want to learn more:

Smart Bitches Help Out

I sent in a donation. And I even get a windbreaker!! But seriously, it's a good cause, and I really can't resist. I might go back and adopt a wolf or something as well.

If you want the link to contribute that's here as well:

Defenders of the Wildlife

I also found a link about them on the National Zoo site:

Black Footed Ferret.

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