Monday, January 28, 2008

How You Know You've Totally Lost Your Mind...

This morning I pulled up to work and started gathering my stuff together. (This takes awhile and involves many bags). Once I was done with that, I looked in my purse for my work badge. It wasn't there. WTF? The one thing I always do before I leave home is make sure my badge is in there. So where was it?

My mind starts racing. Was I going to have to get a temporary badge? What if they didn't have any? Would I be forced to have people come with me every time I went in and out of the building to smoke. WHERE WAS MY BADGE???

Then I looked down again.


It was around my neck.

Of course. I knew that!

I know I have blonde hair, but I kind of hoped I could rise above the stereotype. I hoped I'd be the one blonde who proves all the bad blonde jokes wrong.

Silly, silly me...

1 comment:

Cindy said...

I do that!

Sadly, I usually have an audience when I do it though. *roll eyes*

My kids just looooove to make fun of me during my blonde moments.