Sunday, October 21, 2007

Still here...

I know I haven't checked in for awhile. I have to admit that Thursday and Friday I got off track. But today I got it back together and wrote 2,155 words. Not only that, but while taking a shower I got all the backstory straight for both my hero and heroine. I know about their childhoods and about their siblings and parents. Yes, I knew the basics when I was beginning, but I think I've mentioned before that my characters don't really come alive until I start writing. I'm definitely not one of those writers who can just write down a whole stats sheets and think I'm going to follow it. That's just not my style.

I was very excited though and as soon as I stepped out of the shower (and got dress first, of course), I ran downstairs and typed all of it up. This is the most inspired I've felt in a long time. I can see them now.

That doesn't mean I know exactly what's going to come next. I usually figure that out as I go. I know where they're going, but not how I'm going to get them there. But that's the fun part. Seeing what I can come up with. Sometimes it surprises even me.

Did I mention that I love writing?

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