Thursday, June 26, 2014

Throwback Matey's!

I have an interview tomorrow. It's with the same company I was supposed to start working for this week, but for a different department. In honor of the interview, I decided to dig up an old work picture of me for Throwback Thursday (#tbt for those who speak in hashtags).

The memo was *THIS* big!

Here I am at my first full time job at PricewaterhouseCoopers or just Price Waterhouse back then. I believe this is also my first official desk that was all mine and boy am I proud of it! I shared an office with another girl whose job it was to do research in Lexus Nexus, but usually slept while holding papers to her face and pretending to read. She thought no one knew, but everyone knew.

As you can see, I'm wearing a nautical themed vest my grandmother made me, which, while very cute, probably wasn't the most professional office attire. Unless I was going sailing later on my yacht. I can see this is after a bad dye job and my hair has that lovely "wave" in it, which was my early 90's attempt at big hair.

Judging by the angle of the camera, I'm assuming I had it on a timer, because I'm pretty sure no one would take this picture. Do we want to guess what that pose was supposed to be?

"Wow. Look at this. It's work! Ooooo!"

"Wow. My desk is so shiny!"

"I'm so overwhelmed by all this work that I don't even have time to fake pose while taking a picture of my desk!"

"Maybe tomorrow I will wear a shirt with cats on it!"

I was also out the day they taught us how to sit in skirts. How ladylike I was!

Notice the big clunky computer screen behind me? At least I can prove to my son that computers did exist when I was younger and we didn't use rocks and an abacus. I did use an adding machine with tape to reconcile numbers, but we won't mention that. I do miss that clattery, clunking sound. *sigh* I digress...

Despite all of this, I do have fond memories of that job and that office. Even my narcoleptic officemate. I love to work and have taken pride in every job I've had. I can't say the same for my hairdo's though...

Hmm... Maybe I was actually trying to make the desk levitate using just my mind! Oooommm... Have a  happy Thursday everyone! Ahoy!

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