Friday, September 6, 2013

Veggie Tales

Today was kind of a slow day for me. Most of it was spent recovering from yesterday's interview. Other than talking to my friend Sharmal, I mostly just chilled out. I was so chilled, sometimes I was almost catatonic. Just me and Scooter on the bed watching Friends. As it should be. 

I gave Scooter a bath and straightened up the kitchen, but I didn't do that until right before my husband came home. Just to give the illusion that I did something other than vegging. 

In good news that nobody but me cares about, I found In the Heat of the Night on television. I love that show! I love the slow Southern atmosphere, the mystery and the usual PSA. What other show has someone named Bubba on it? Well, there's probably a few more, but that's the better one! I found a $20 box set of the ITHOTN that I wanted to buy at Target, but I didn't. 

Yes, I watch too much television. Sue me. On Judge Judy. Because that show is awesome! Is Joe Brown still on? I remember when he got arrested for something. Probably for being a pimp. I could totally see that!

I swear I plan on getting out this weekend and getting fresh air before I start collecting dust and mold. Really. Saturday television sucks anyway. Not like when we were kids with the Saturday morning cartoons. Smurf's!!

Until tomorrow... 

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