Saturday, July 13, 2013

WWBPD (What would Brad Pitt do?)

Scooter walking on harness

Finding a job is nothing like it used to be. You use to pass out resume's and you would get a call and hopefully an interview. Or not. Or you could go to a temp firm and they would put you into short-term jobs until you can find a permanent position you wanted.

Now everything is online. First you have to fill out these 20 step applications and then send in a resume with a cover letter. Then wait. Most of the time you get no response. Now I don't mind doing the work. I know getting a new job isn't going to be easy. But I don't want to do a lot of work and get no response. I feel I should at least get a no if that's their response.

This morning and afternoon was spent applying for an administrative position at a company. The recruiter had me fill out the online application, plus fill out three forms. All of this before I even get an interview! It's like they want you to do all the work up front with no guarantee of even a call back. It's very frustrating. Having everything online is only convenient for the company, not for us.

Don't even get me started on unemployment! It's so confusing, I scratch my head on that one every day! Then I have my husband check my head in case I have ticks. Which happens often living out here in the country with a dog and six stray cats.

Enough of my old fogey rantings... In other news, I took a break from the application to take Scooter on his first walk with the harness. First I had to figure out how to put the harness on. Solving a Rubik's cube would be easier than that! The worst part is that Scooter just sits there and lets me fumble around with the harness, pulling it off and on and adjusting it, and he's so patient. His eyes are so trusting. It makes me hate that I'm such a blonde. I would feel better if he judged me.

We finally get ourselves situated and he gives off a couple chokes just for old times sakes. Then we get going. We set a pretty good pace. That's when I remember how much I hate my road. It's windy and the houses are pretty spread apart.

Plus there's shooting going on. There's always someone shooting a gun on our street. You learn to accept it. But today it sounds like I'm in a war zone. Like someone has a canon. And instead of getting quiet, it's only getting louder. Finally, after about fifteen minutes of walking, I turn us around. Fifteen one way and fifteen back makes a half a hour, which is what I did at work.

Not only am I scared of the battleground, I keep thinking of bears. Even if that would make an awesome blog, I really don't want to see one. Or have one eating my dog. But I did have a chance to wonder why every time I think of bears, I think of Brad Pitt at the end of Legends of the Fall battling the big grizzly bear. Why does every thought contain Brad Pitt?

Anyway... I have to give a shout out to my mother-in-law. It's her birthday today! We went over to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law for a cookout. That's when I found out my dog doesn't like little kids and in fact will go after them like a grizzly bear after Brad Pitt. I guess we'll have to figure out a solution for that. I wonder what Brad Pitt would do?

By the time I get home, I'm tired. But I will leave you with this conversation I had with JJ. I had brought the cat food bowl in and didn't realize there were ants in it until I got it inside. I'm too tired to take it back out and empty it, which leads to:

JJ: "Mom. Clean out the ants!"

Me: "They like the ants. It gives them protein." I pour in the hard food over the canned food and ants. Like a really gross three layer dip.

JJ: "That's just wrong. What if I fed you a bowl of food with ants in it?"

Me: "I would eat it." Maybe. I have eaten crickets before. Not sure if I would eat a lot of ants. Still alive.

I fed the food to the cats and judging by the amount of scarfing down, ants didn't faze them. I'm just glad my son didn't call my bluff. Yet... I'm pretty sure Brad Pitt would.

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