Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Southern Belle's Got Back

I guess I've been grouchy lately because my husband sent me on errands today to "get me out of the house." He's probably right. I'm actually annoying myself at this point. I'm not used to all this alone time. You read my blog. You know the kind of crazy I'm dealing with here.

I needed to go grocery shopping. I sat down with some cookbooks, my notebook and a pen. I made a list! I've missed my lists. I even used the same notebook I used at work to make lists. Sometimes during all my alone time, I thumb through the pages, humming "Memories" and sobbing. Ok, that's not true. I don't even know the words to Memories. I hum Baby Got Back. The message isn't the same, but nobody knows what I'm humming anyway.

Back to my list. I'd been having a hankering for some peach pie. I don't know why. I guess someone mentioned it once and I couldn't get it out of my mind. I got out the Fannie Farmer cookbook my friend Jen sent me years ago and find the recipe. It mostly consists of peaches and sugar. I can do that!

I also wanted some fried catfish. I have no idea why I had these two cravings. Apparently I'm channeling my inner Southern woman. A non-racist version of Paula Deen. Bless her heart.

Using the cookbooks I put together a pretty impressive grocery list. I pat myself on the back. Then try to play it off like I'm just scratching my back when my son walks in.

Of course once I get to the grocery store nothing is exactly how it was described in the cookbook and I roam around hopelessly lost. Did I also mention my pants didn't fit? Oh yeah. I wore the capri jeans that never fit me. My pants are falling down faster than a teenager's at a Justin Beiber concert. Luckily my shirt is pretty long so I'm almost positive nobody saw anything. Or I owe a bunch of people at Food Lion an apology. Especially anyone who saw me bend over to load up the car. Some of them might've been humming Baby Got Back too. In horror! Hey, I never said I knew how to do this casual dressing thing! Did I mention my work wardrobe consisted of four pairs of black pants? I think I will retire these pants though. Until I forget about them and they get mixed up in my clothes and I do it all over again.

Despite my mooning everyone, I do somehow manage to find everything I need. Once I'm back home, I really want to make pie! Must make peach pie. The recipe says to boil the peaches and then put them into cold water so the skin peels off easily. I'm really glad they are talking about peaches because for a moment I thought it was a Silence of the Lambs thing.



Of course only one of them actually peels easily. The rest I have to cut the skin off. It's all good though! Soon I have cut up peaches! I'm not sure why some of the peaches are different colors though. I guess it's just a lesson of the peaches. Like people, peaches come in different colors, but they are still sweet and we can eat all of them. Err... Anyway.

Cut-up peaches:

Cut-up peaches

After that we add a lot of sugar, a little bit of flour and lemon juice. Then mix it together. Sooo easy! I'm actually kind of disappointed. I was hoping for a disaster story. I do have to admit though that I bought the pie crust. The kind you roll out. I wasn't going to take a chance with the crust!

Pie with filling:

Peach filling

I put it in the oven and wait. And wait. I watch Living Single. And wait. I love Living Single. Then my pie starts breaking. I'm not sure why the crust starts to crack. I didn't make the crust so you can't blame me!

Peach pie finishe

It was really yummy! I had to make JJ and Smoke eat some before I ate the whole thing myself, because I was really close to doing that!

The catfish was yummy too, but was a lot more time consuming. JJ ended up having to help me spice it a little. The recipe I had only called for corn meal, flour, egg and garlic powder and I have a tendancy to only do exactly what the recipe tells me. I'm afraid to break the rules and have Betty Crocker kick my ass or something. He found some McCormick Lemon and herb grilling spice I didn't even know we had and used that too. They ate it all, so it must've been good!

Cat fish:

catfish fried

Apparently my cat-lady-ness extends to the type of seafood I eat as well.

That's about it for today. I have many more recipes and experiments to do in the next few days, so you'll hear all about it. Whether you want to or not. Mwahahaha...

I guess I shouldn't be so mean to people who read my blog. But if you don't read my blog, just remember I know the peach trick! And you all taste the same! Yeah, my book called Life is like a Peach is not going to sell well at all...


Pete said...

Excellent title, Melly. I would read it.... :lech:

The Walrus said...

Just let me know what recipe you need next. I can help ;-)