Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Not Exactly a Piece of Cake

Today was one of those days when nothing much happened. I had a headache so bad that it hurt whenever I got up or down from a sitting position (which I have to admit wasn't often). I'm assuming that's sinus related? And of course I can't go outside and get fresh air because outside is bad. At least that's what the news keeps telling me. If I go out there, I will instantly burst into flames...or something like that. I like when they tell us not to leave your pets out there. My cats are strays. That's where they live. They figure out how to adapt. Although I'm pretty sure when they meow, they are actually saying, "Hooooottttttttttt.... Sooo hoootttttt." That's hot, not hoot, they aren't owls. Although a flock of stray owls would be kind of cool. Cool in a Harry Potter way. Forget email, I have an iOwl!My cat saying, "It's hoooooooooot."


Why do I always get so off track? I applied for a couple jobs today, but mostly I read. First I finished a book written by my new hero Mindy Kaling. She played Kelly on The Office (not to mention she was a head writer) and her book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, is exactly the kind of book I've always wanted to write. I highly recommend it if you like to laugh out loud and look insane to anyone who actually noticed these kinds of things. Sadly, my husband is used to me laughing to myself from time to time.

Then I started reading A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown. This is a memoir written by a woman named Cupcake who basically had the worst life ever! She lost her mother, was raped, beaten and turned tricks all before the age of 12! According to the inside cover, she somehow turns herself into a lawyer. That's amazing! Even though I haven't gotten that far, I have the feeling that this is the kind of book that will put my life into perspective. This little blip in my life is nothing compared to what Cupcake went though! Or it will depress me... We'll see.

I do know it will teach me not to judge a book by the cover. The cover has cake sprinkles on it. I really thought it was about cake. And I still crave it a little. I might have to make one or something!

Mmm... Cake. But not crack. Which is what this book is about. That's my new motto. Don't do crack, do cake! Feel free to use it!

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