Thursday, July 25, 2013

Nickelback Horse

This morning I wake up worried about the unemployment training and determined I'm not staying home again. We need some more groceries so I head out to Walmart. Not before my son tells me that I'm basically not a good cook. Ahh... Teenagers. They tell you like it is and then you want to strangle them. Apparently the prison food is not to his liking! So sad. I guess he'll need to find his own prison. Like a job!

At Walmart, I browse through the other sections. That's the good (and bad) thing about grocery shopping at Walmart. All the other junk you don't need but you like to look at. Thats when I remember my husband wanted some CD's to listen to at work. I remember one group in particular he asked for. But I'm not sure if I'm looking at the right CD, so I have to send him a picture:


Man, I hope nobody saw me buy a Nickelback CD. Especially somebody from the Unemployment department.

“We saw you buy that Nickelback CD. You will obviously never get another job. Or a life. No money for you!"

I send him the picture and he texts me back: “Y.” What does Y mean? Yes? He can’t even type me a three letter word? Maybe he was asking me why Nickelback exists. Nobody knows so I don’t bother with a response.

I buy my groceries and leave. After a trip back to dump the groceries off and a trip to my MIL’s for some more stuff, I’m at the Reno House to meet Smoke. I love hanging out there. It’s such a nice day out. I “help” Smoke by sitting on the porch and reading my book.

That’s when he brings out the horses. I get so excited! I’m always wanted a horse!


He has me help hold ‘em steady while he makes sure the horse stands up straight. But sometimes they need work. Sick horse:

Sick Horse

This is Woody:

Me and Horse

And Norman:

Me and Horse 2

Me, Woody and Norman:

Me and Two Horses 

Smoke: “You really want me to take this picture?”

Me: “Yes!”

This was our project tonight. He needs sawhorses to help him work. When we finally load up the horses, we go home.

I’m not about to make some elaborate meal after the prisoner’s complaints, so I make some Fatburgers.


There's a mention of Fatburgers in the book 11/22/63, which is why I had to get it! They were good. And easy! And there were no prisoner complaints. I printed out my resume, but I'm still kind of nervous about tomorrow. I'm always like this in unfamiliar situations. Wish me luck!

Maybe I'll put horse trainer on my resume...

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