Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hump DAY!

Today is the first day I truly feel unemployed. I wake up later than usual. I watch bad TV. Well, except for the Behind the Music on T.I. I love T.I. I love his music. I love his show on VH-1. I love the Hustle Gang. I think to myself, "T.I's been to jail (many times) and is still successful. He wouldn't let a lay-off get him down."

I watch Andy Griffith and think, "I bet Barney never got laid off. Sure, he had one bullet, but he had a job!"

I watch the end of 8 Mile and think, "If only we had a rap battle at work. I would totally still have my job!"

Then I think, "Holy crap. This is my life. Comparing myself to everyone on televison. How sad."

I take my shower because of my rule, but since it's raining, I put sweats on. Sure, I look like I'm ready for bed, but I am clean! I think about taking a nap, but then quickly realize I'm not a nap person.

Luckily I'm saved from this crazy cycle of nothing by Smoke calling me and asking me to meet him at the reno house to get dinner. I quickly change my sweats to shorts, grab my son and Scooter and we are out of there.

Let me give you background on the reno house. It's from the 1800's. It was originally a log cabin that was added onto over the years. It hasn't been lived in for 10 years. About 20 feet from the house is a church with a small private graveyard behind it. To say it's a bit spooky is an understatement. My son and I won't even go upstairs. Scooter has no problem with that. He loves going up there. There's a room we call the Stink Bug Room because that's who lives in the their. Hundreds of Stink Bugs. Maybe Scooter likes to think of himself as the king of the stink bugs. Who knows?

Tonight I'm standing in front of the fireplace in the original cabin part while Scooter is standing on the hearth surrounding it. Suddenly, he darts out of the room and runs to the door. I'm like, "WTF?" I call Scooter back but he won't come. I tell my son, who picks up Scooter and puts him back on the hearth. He darts back out of the room as fast as he can go.

Great. Moving there is going to be so much fun! I might have to have TAPs at my house. Or that weird guy who worries more about his hair than any paranormal activity. Ghost Adventures or something like that. Smoke just scoffs at us for talking about ghosts. I'm like, "Dude. You make us watch every paranormal show out there and then wonder why we think there might be a ghost here?" Graveyard. House built in the 1800's. The husband of the last owner died there (of natural causes...I hope). Yes. We are crazy to think of such a thing!

That was my day. I know I need to focus on the whole job hunting thing, but I feel like I should wait until after the holiday. I'm pretty sure nobody is going to be hiring during the holiday week. I do have a lot of resume's out there, but so far no hits. In the meantime, I'm getting some reading done. I read Dry, A Memoir, by Augusten Burroughs. He's an entertaining writer. I like him because he's honest and doesn't hold anything back. I also finally read The Help by Katheryn Stockett because I loved the movie so much. I'm happy to say the movie was pretty true to the book.

And I'm blogging! I hope to start editing my book and maybe starting another book as well. So much to do. But I would still love to be working. I still miss my friends. Maybe I'll make more friends. Of course they will probably be ghosts but still...


d said...

Here something you should know on Allan Ave you lived in the basement the man who lived there before us died in the basement . So I heard him all the time ..

Connie said...

I read Dry a few months ago. Loved it!