Friday, July 26, 2013

Country Lessons

This morning I wake up and get ready to go to my Unemployment Orientation. I was unsure of the dress code so I put on a pair of my black pants, a casual shirt and sandals. I was going to wear jeans, but I just wasn’t sure enough. For all I know people would be in business attire. Or they would be wearing pajamas. I decided to ride the line. Pajama bottoms and a suit jacket. (Not really).

Getting into my car while wearing work clothes and leaving at the time I used to go to work made me sad and nostalgic. It’s hard to believe it hasn’t even been a month since my last day. It feels like a lifetime!

I leave pretty early, which is good since you basically need a college degree to find the community college where the class is being held at! Even the GPS on my phone is constantly recalculating where I’m going. I end up going over railroad tracks. I didn’t even know there was a train in my town!

Once I finally find it, it’s a nice campus and the building is beautiful…


I walk in and get into the elevator. A man follows me in. (Always a good start. Stuck in an elevator with a stranger).

He says: “Third floor, please.”

I lurch forward to reach for the button and then realize it’s a two story building. Me: “Ha! I tried to push the button.”

Him: “I almost got you!” Yes, sir, thank you. Making someone feel stupid in a college is always good fun.

He continues: “Are you here for a class or testing?” Me: “A class.” He wishes me luck and is on his way. Thankfully he’s not in my orientation.

It’s a pretty small class. Just about six people or so. I sit in my seat and stare at the presentation on the screen and think, “How did I get here? How am I unemployed?” Sometimes it hits me again. Despite this blog, there are times I still feel like it’s a dream.

The presentation is a pretty good one. The instructor really tells us everything in a straight forward down to earth way. And she’s funny at times. Once in awhile, she’d say sweet like, “schweet!” Like, “I got this great job. Schweet!” That cracked me up. There was this chick in a tied-dyed shirt and khaki shorts a couple seats away from me, so my wardrobe worries were for nothing. Of course.

I still have unemployment issues with my payment, but the good news is that I have a better of understanding of what I’m supposed to be doing so I should do better from now on. But I’m going to deal with it on Monday.

After that exciting morning, my husband and I go out to run a few errands. Since nothing much happened after that, I thought I’d just show pictures of things I saw in my ‘hood.

The education is a little lacking:


I love bothe of you too! There was a sticker of the local high school on the back bumper. I will not tell you what high school that is since it's one of the high schools my son attended and I'm not proud. Bothe of us aren't. I'm not even sure who "bothe" of you is referring to. Two girlfriends? I never saw who came out to this car. Shame.

A goofy dog in the back of my car:


Oh wait, that's my dog!

Dear Prince George,

Your grandmother will always be remembered. On the back of the cabin of some sweaty guy's tractor-trailer. This is your legacy.

You're welcome.


This was actually on the way home from the class:


Just in case you don't believe I live in the country. I break for tractors! Because I have no choice.

Oh and because I always tell you what I make for dinner.

 Little Caesars<

Pizza, Pizza!!

That's all for today. I'm glad the class is over. Thanks for the good vibes!

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