Monday, July 22, 2013

A Case of the Monday's

Monday's are Monday's whether you work or not. And today definitely felt like a Monday. Even the birth of a baby out of the royal birth canal can't change that.

I get up and file my unemployment claim, look for jobs and notice I have not received a single response to a resume I've sent out. Those are the things I do in the morning. You know... Things that make you want to go right back to bed. Or eat a lot.

But I can't eat a lot anymore. Since the beginning of the month I've almost gained 10 lbs. Oh, it fluctuates, but it's definitely not going in the right direction. I really don't want to gain back the weight I lost after quitting smoking two years ago. I still track all my calories in the Lose It! app, but sometimes I... Well, I lie. Yes, I lie to a phone app. Why do I lie? Because I don't want to even admit to myself when I eat an entire bag of gummy bears. Or that time I ate a LOT of cookie dough ice cream. Like half of the quart. It's been a stressful time. It's been a lot of lonely time. What else is there to do but eat? Plus, you've read all my entries. My whole day revolves around what I'm going to make for dinner. Or gummy candy. Or pie.

But no more! It is hard to cut down on the calories. I have to start measuring everything again. Eating has again become like a scientist in a lab measuring and parsing everything out. Sometimes I stand in the kitchen just looking at the food. I open the freezer and look at the ice cream sandwich Smoke has in there like it's porn. Earlier I found myself sneaking some extra corn from dinner. Who was I hiding it from? And who sneaks corn??
I know what I need to do is get back to walking but Mr. Scooter chewed his leash in half the last time we were at the reno house. I was sitting right there with him reading and somehow his little razer teeth just chewed through it in a minute. He's such a little a-hole sometimes! I will have to walk by myself. But I liked having a dog. It gave me a distraction and made me feel a little safer. If someone bothers us, Scooter can just chew through them with his teeth, like a piece of corn.

Mmm... Corn.

Anyway. Other than that, I hung out with my cats loser and started reading Stephen King's, 11/22/63. It's a library book and pretty large so if I want to turn it on time, I need to get started! I've always wanted to read it, but never wanted to spend the money. It's a pretty engrossing read. I sometimes forget how the King can just suck you into his world so fast.

I didn't even really take any pictures to put in my blog today. That's not true. I did take a half-assed, blurry picture of one of my cats.
Yellow Eyes

This is Yellow Eyes, by the way. When you have six cats you start getting lazy coming up with names. There's Sam, Max, Scout, Mama Kitty, Yellow Eyes and Brown Eyes. Hey, at least it wasn't like Cat 1, Cat 2... None of that really matters since I usually just call them all Kitty anyway. It's not like they care about their names. In Yellow Eye's mind, her name is probably Duchess Golden Eyes, Mistress of the Cat House. I think she has OCD. If you go out there she'll rub against your legs over and over again. I can almost hear her counting.

This is Brown Eyes. I posted a picture of her earlier in another post.

Brown Eyes

She's like a stoner cat. I think she has a secret catnip connection and only comes home when she gets the munchies. She's always laying around playing video games and eating Cheeto's. It's pathetic.

Wow. Food, Cats and books. This blog has officially gone downhill. I apologize! I really am a nerd. Now that I have no job I'm a full time nerd! Yikes.

I better end this before I start talking about Comic Con or something. Or corn again. Mmm... Corn...

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