Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Career in a Bottle

Today was one of those days where nothing much happened. I had no plan, which is when I get the most discouraged. Discouraged with the unemployment department and discouraged with the job hunting process. I applied for another job, but I might as well just stick a resume in a bottle and throw it in the ocean. I probably have a better chance of getting a response that way!

Me: "Hello?"

Person on phone: "Is this Melanie?"

Me: "Yes."

Person on phone. "Hi. I'm SLDKFDFJK from Greenland and I plucked your resume from the shoreline. It was a little fishy, but still legible. We have an opening for a dock worker here."

Me: "Really? Where is Greenland? That seems like quite a commute. Does the Metro go there?"

SLDKFDFJK: "Err... No. Now looking at your resume, it looks like you don't have enough experience."

Me: "For a dock worker?"

SLDKFDFJK: "And you'll need a college degree."

Me: "To haul fish?"

SLDKFDFJK: "Oh and do you have a Top Secret Clearance?"

Me: *click*

Tired of my own negative thoughts, I threw on my tennis shoes to go on a walk. I ask JJ and he actually agrees to go with me. I'm always amazed when he wants to walk with me. Of course he doesn't wear shoes, because we live in our own world of Honey-Boo-Boo. But with no pageant kids. Unless you count Scooter. He would look good in a tiara! Do they have dog pageants?

Hmm...Anyway, I risk him refusing to go when I put my new Five and Below Ankle weights on. Yeah, I is sexy! The yellow looks good against my pale, pale legs...

Leg Weights

Scooter seemed to do well with this new leash.
Scooter Walking on new leash

JJ and I talk about Stephen King books and video games and writing. I might've passed my geekiness onto him. My bad!

For dinner, I make something called smothered steak. It was good, but it wasn't until after it was done that I realized it was brown like last night's meal. Apparently everything I make will be brown and look like something you might eat in a prison.

Do you notice my fancy china? I picked that pattern out at the Dollar General!

The rest of my day was spent reading my book and talking to a few people about employment options. That's my exciting life! Walking and brown food! Tomorrow, I will do something more. Like look into dog pageants... Or apply as a prison cook...

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