Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Another Random Post

Last night I had a dream that there were tornadoes on the way and they were about to hit my house. I ran and ran...and then woke up and realized The Weather Channel was on. *sigh*

I'm sorry I'm quiet. I'm still trying to shake this case of bad luck that just won't leave my back. I'm still sore from falling down the steps last week and Friday I locked my keys in my car and well... I just need some good juju! Where is Addison with her hot chocolate? Yes, I'm aware Grey's Anatomy is fiction, why do you ask?

In writing news... Linden Bay Romance is being bought by Samhain Publishing. I'm still digesting the news, but so far it all seems positive. I've read many of Samhain's ebooks and have always been impressed by the stories and the editing. Not to mention the covers... It's an exciting time and I just wish I had something new to offer. But I'm not going to push it. When it's time for me to write again, it's just time.

I just want to get through the holidays right now so I can get to 2009 and hopefully a better year. Even if I will be 35. Yikes. It has to get better, right?

Oh and one quick rec before I go. If you're looking for a really good country CD, check out Blake Shelton's Startin' Fires. You know how sometimes you buy a CD and you have to kind of let it grow on you before you start liking it? Well, this one was good from the first listen. I've always loved Blake anyway, but this is one of his best.


Jennifer A. said...

Uhoh.. Tornado dreams. I hate those!!

Glad it wasn't me who had one.. cuz you know what happens when I do! LOL

Reeny said...

I had a nightmare that I was on the plane & tried calling my mom to pick me up & could not get her. I thought (in my dream) that the world was ending...

It wasn't, but was still scary when I woke up!

live3054 said...