Friday, November 21, 2008


I was trying and trying to think about what to blog about and I was hitting a blank. This blogging thing ain't easy! So here are some random thoughts on this Friday morning...

1. Now that the price of gas has gone down, traffic has picked up, along with stupid accidents. Mind you, I'm not complaining! Not in the least! I enjoy paying less than fifty dollars to fill my Blazer. I'm just making an observation...

2. Five people and one bathroom isn't a good thing.

3. Waking up at six in the morning to get my son to school isn't a easy thing to do for someone who made their work hours 10-6. I did that for a reason! I'm just not a morning person.

4. I really wish I could sew.

5. Christmas is coming way too fast. The other day my iPod player picked up someone else's iPod (this happens once in awhile) and they were playing Christmas music. Suddenly I was hearing about someone's chestnuts roasting over an open fire. Make it stop!!

6. Thanksgiving isn't going to be the same without my dad cooking.

7. Facebook, or should I say, Pet Society is like crack. Stay away! (Unless you want to be my friend so I can get more money. Send me a request...).

8. My husband does a great job of cutting my hair and he's never taken lessons or anything! How come he's so good at everything?? And I'm the least coordinated person ever. Not fair!

9. Grey's Anatomy is really, really strange right now. This is the first season I can't figure out what the hell is going on.

10. I miss my DVR. That's all I have to say...