Sunday, November 2, 2008

My weekend

My mother is starting to move up our way now so my husband spent most of yesterday packing up a big U-Haul truck. But then it was time for the fire!

Fire. Heh-heh. Fire.

My coworker's are always complaining that I never do anything outside of work so when my coworker, Sunny, invited me and my husband to her bonfire I said we'd be there. It's kind of sweet too because that's where me and my husband met many years ago. At a bonfire. Although we were teenagers back then and we'd stay out all night. This time I was tired by midnight. I'm old!!

Today we went over to my mother's new house before going to her house in Maryland (confused yet?) and I tried to take some fall pictures before the leaves were gone.

Then after that we went back to Maryland to finish filling up the truck. When we got as much as we could in there, I followed my husband back to her new house. This is what I saw for many, MANY miles:

This is right before that car to the left cut in front of me.

Sun is starting to go down.

Then we got stuck in some Sunday traffic.

But we finally made it and between me, my husband, my son and my mother we got most of it unloaded. My husband and the guy that works with him will finish unpacking the bigger stuff tomorrow.

I'm tired...I'm not used to doing this much in one weekend. *grin* But it's a good tired... Plus I'm still not used to the time change yet.

Now I must finish washing clothes and then go to bed. *sigh* Another work week here already...

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Suz said...

Waaaaaaaiiiiiit a minute. Didn't you post not too long ago that at least you don't take pictures while driving?! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Another convert!