Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Anniversary Baby Contest

Most people know how I much I like cake. I don't just like cake, I love cake. All the good things in life involve cakes. Your birthday...weddings... All big milestones are usually marked with some kind of cake. There's even fruitcake for Christmas! Yes, it's the Spam of cakes, but it's still a cake. And honestly, and I'll deny this later if someone asks, I actually like fruitcake. There. I've said. I've finally said it.

Anyway...the other day I was thinking about my free book, Happy Anniversary Baby, and how it involves a cake. And not just any cake...a cake in the shape of a body part, which made me wonder if I'd promoted my free book enough. I mean, it's a free book! So I figured I'd mention it one more time just in case.

Happy Anniversary Baby isn't just about Gary and Pam Foster (the hero and heroine from my first book, On the Run), it also involves cake. So please "buy" my free book Happy Anniversary Baby. It's really very easy. Just go here: Happy Anniversary Baby and add it to your cart.

Just remember...there will be cake. Fictional cake, but cake nonetheless. Send me an email to and let me know what you think. I'll tell you what...the first person to email me after reading Happy Anniversary Baby will get a free ebook copy of one of the other books in the racing series. Either On the Run, Born to Run or Racing for the Shore. Your pick.

How's that? Oh and yes there will be a question to see if you've really read it or not. *grin*

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