Monday, October 6, 2008

Ok, I lied...

We had internet for a couple hours last night and then it cut us off again. Grr... I'm not sure if it will be fixed when I get home tonight or not. *sigh*

On my downtime, I've been doing my critique thing with Shiela's new book (soooo good!) and reading a book called, Novelist's Boot Camp, by Todd A. Stone. 101 Ways to Take Your Book from Boring to Bestseller. Yes, it's gotten to that point now. I need boot camp! But this is a great book. I know I've said this before about my hundreds of other writing books, but this one is great because it's broken up into many small chapters (or missions) and gives you ways to get the book done in a very direct manner. Which is what I need!

Even if it doesn't help, it definitely can't hurt! Oops, almost time to go home. Maybe we'll have internet! Fingers crossed!


T.A. said...

Hello Melanie,
Thanks for the nice words about Novelist's Boot Camp. I hope you find the book helpful--others have, including multi-published authors like yourself. Feel free to drop by www. for handouts from some of the Boot Camp workshops I've presented-they compliment the book and may make your task easier.
Best regards,

I love cake said...

Hi Todd!

Thanks for leaving a comment! I am enjoying your book a lot and will definitely stop by that website!

I'm so glad you stopped by...


Vampress Shiela said...

Thanks for the little plug, Mel. :)
Glad you're enjoying my books. :)