Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Shall Call Him.... Mini Me.

I think I've mentioned I'd interview anyone, right? Well, today's guest is my 13-almost 14-year old son. Yes, I took a big risk doing this interview, but what the heck, right? If it didn't work out, I could always interview the dog. (That's next week).

So without further ado, here is my interview with J, the uncut version:

From 1 to 10, how awesome is your mother? You can go higher than 10 of course.
Is this a trick question? Oh, it isn’t? My bad. Um I would say in between 8 and 9. lol

I often call you J on my blog so that your friends never know I’m your mother. Do you have a different alias you would like to go by? How about “Little One”?
J is okay but my friends all know you. I showed them your website and talked about you.

What is it like being related to a famous author? Yes, I’m talking about me.
I didn’t know I was related to a famous author; I thought it was related to you

When you go to high school, will you do all your homework? Please?

Yes because it really counts in high school.

Is it true that I’m the one who got you into video games?
Yes you got the Sega and I played it and you got me into Final Fantasy 7 (awesome) and the Playstation.

Am I the cool mom?
Better then some of my friends mom so kinda.

I never embarrass you, do I?
Only in public and on your blog

Can you come down here and do the dishes?


Oh and feed the dog.


Now you can say whatever you want. Please, be nice. Remember I gave birth to you. A long, long time ago…uh, I mean, not that long ago.
Your books are good I guess but I wouldn’t know. I write myself. I’m into fantasy and horror and I love reading. I still think you should expand your writing into more cooler things like kid, fantasy, ghost (I would help if no romance) and any other cool things. Bye.


Renee said...

Melly (and J): This is great! Really funny. I can see where J gets your sense of humor.

Very cool!

Duckie said...

I got real excited when I saw the title of your blog.. I really thought you had interviewed Mini Me.

But J's interview was very entertaining, so I'll forgive you for misleading me.

Robyn said...

GREAT interview! Like Duckie, I was a bit disappointed at first that you hadn't interviewed Verne Troyer, but J's responses more than made up for that! Wonderful!

Laura said...

Well, you know me and my Mini-Me obsession, but this was a nice substitute:)